You look like…

Back when I was in high school, I wore contacts and had some punk rock lookin’ hair. I guess because of the hair and lack of glasses, I would occasionally be told that I looked like Robert Downey, Jr. This was a compliment at the time, since chicks dug Robert Downey, Jr from his movies like Weird Science and Back To School, plus Robert hadn’t hit the skids with his crazy partying just yet.

Well, time passed. Most of my hair has fallen out. I’ve gained quite a few pounds. My eyes simply can’t handle contact lenses any more. I’m not nearly as pretty as I used to be, and no one tells me I look like Robert Downey, Jr. any more. In fact, no one was said that I looked like anybody… until recently.

We were out at the Breakfast Club a couple of weeks ago, and as I walked down to the end of the bar where my friends were, I noticed Tim looking at me funny. I didn’t think much about it, until he said “you know… you look like Andy Partridge of XTC”. What do you guys think?

Andy Partridge

In any case, I was kind of flattered. Andy Partridge is one of those guys that “brainy chicks” dig. The same kind of girl that would like, say, Elvis Costello, would like Andy Partridge. Which is cool. Not that I’m going to be tramping around anymore in this lifetime, but it’s always nice, you know? Of course, it would have meant more coming from some hot girl rather than Asher, but what the hell… I’ll take a compliment any way I can get it!

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