COOL PROGRAM: Google Browser Sync

There are a ton of “bookmark synchronization” extensions for Firefox out there. Many of you might have a favorite, but I recently decided to give Google Browser Sync a try… and I love it! As you might guess from the name, Google Browser Sync synchronizes your Firefox bookmarks between different computers. So if you use Firefox at home and work, you could have a unified set of bookmarks between the two computers. Which is cool and all… but Google Browser Sync also has the ability to synchronize your cookies, history, saved passwords… even your open tabs and windows! Imagine sitting at your desk at work. You’re surfing the Internet, but it’s time to go home. If you have Google Browser Sync installed, you just close the Firefox window. All of your open tabs and updated bookmarks will be copied automatically to Google’s servers. So when you come home you open Firefox… and start right back where you were at work! Neat, huh?

The Google Browser Sync extension for Firefox is free.

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