Backup, backup, backup… How many times have you heard a computer guy talking about “backing up your data”? Well, there’s a good reason for it – computers can crash, and when they do they can take down a lot of your personal data. Priceless information like pictures and financial data can all be lost in an instant. Sadly, most of the time it takes a crash with the complete loss of data for people to see the light. is a website that offers a free backup service for people that use Windows and Mac. The free service offers 2GB worth of storage space, which should be plenty for most people’s truly important files. Mozy also offers an “unlimited” version for just $4.95/month.

To use the service, all you’ve gotta do is sign up on Mozy’s site, then download the backup software. Once installed, the software will automatically choose the most crucial elements to back up, or you can opt to manually choose which files and folders Mozy will back up. Backups then happen in the background whenever files are changed (you can also opt to have Mozy back up on a schedule you set). You can access your files through Mozy’s website, and also manage all of your settings and computers from the site also. Mozy also offers a lot of features that other backup sites either don’t offer or only offer with paid plans, like the ability to back up locked files, the ability to restore files from within Windows Explorer, and support for 3GB (or larger) files.

Mozy is easy to use and is free… so start backing up your data today! Check it out here.

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