DOWNLOAD: Georgia Tech 2007 Schedule for Outlook!

For years, I’ve been putting the Pittsburgh Steelers football schedules on the Internet for anyone to download and import into their Outlook calendars (this year’s schedule is here). This year, I decided to branch out and make a Georgia Tech Football 2007 Schedule for Outlook too!

All you’ve gotta do so is:

  1. Download the file to your desktop and unzip.
  2. Open Outlook and select “File” > “Import and Export” > “Import from another program or file”, then click “Next”.
  3. Choose “Comma Separated Values (Windows)”, then click “Next”.
  4. Use the “Browse” button on the next screen to select the gatech_2007.csv file you just unzipped.
  5. On the next screen make sure to select “Calendar” as the destination then click “Next” and “Finish”… That’s it!

The schedule is compatible with Outlook 98 or later (I tested it with Outlook 2007 and it worked fine for me).

All times in the calendar are for the Eastern (US) time zone. A reminder is scheduled for 8:00PM the day before each game; if you wish to disable the reminders, open the CSV file in Excel and change the value of “reminder on/off” (column G) to FALSE for each game BEFORE you import the Calendar into Outlook.

Fans of other (lesser) teams can also download the file and use it as a template to create a schedule for their favorite teams using any version of Microsoft Excel.

IMPORTANT NOTE: As of 08/31/07, many of the kickoff times are listed as “TBA”, so those games have a “start time” of 8:00 AM and an end time of 08:15 AM in Outlook.

Georgia Tech 2007 Football Schedule
(4KB, zipped)

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