Guess That Celebrity!

The teenage years are interesting in that, for most people, it is the time when they look either their best or their worst. Many people reach the pinnacle of their physical beauty between the ages of 14-19. Yours truly, for example, used to weigh 120lbs., had a head full of beautiful hair, and had eyes that still tolerated contact lenses. It’s been all downhill since age 20 for me. Others are what we might call late bloomers. Their teenage years are filled with the sorrow of acne breakouts, clumsiness caused by rapid growth, voice changes, and other embarrassing “phases”.

Below is a picture of three girls. The girl on the far right is a TV star that was obviously a late bloomer. Can you guess who she is? Click the “Read the rest…” link to find out who she is!

Guess Who?

Give up? The girl on the far right is Tina Fey:

Tina Fey

You might have noticed that Tina Fey has a rather prominent scar on her face. You might have wondered where that scar came from. Tina isn’t saying – publicly she’ll only attribute it to a “childhood incident”. But there are people out there working to find out for you. This blog is dedicated to Tina Fey’s scar and finding out the real story behind it. Man, you thought I had no life!


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