Hotel Babylon (Series 3, Episode 8)

Series 3 of Hotel Babylon comes to a close, and I’m torn about the show.

First of all, I found this episode in particular to be almost offensive. There were many references to how “God” is dying out in the UK and how “modern temples” like Hotel Babylon now serve the same purpose that churches used to. While I don’t doubt that is true, the way that Babylon seemed to enjoy wallowing in the decadent delights of the hotel while ridiculing religion just rubbed me the wrong way.

And, of course, I have some issues with the series in general. As I’ve stated many times, the series began as a clever, “behind the scenes” look at the world of luxury hotels. It was based on the book Hotel Babylon, in which a fictional narrator takes us through a fictional day in the life on a London hotel, all the while regaling us with real-life anecdotes from “Anonymous” (the veteran of the hotel industry that author Imogen Edwards-Jones used as a source). In time, the show ran out of anecdotes based on the book, and so it became more of a soap opera based in a hotel. With the departure of Charlie (Max Beesley) and Jackie (Natalie Mendoza), the characters don’t interact with each other anymore (except as people who work together would). Early in the series, for example, Charlie and Jackie were sleeping together, and for a brief time there was a bit of love triangle between Charlie, Jackie, and Anna (Emma Pierson), before Jackie dumped Charlie for good and Charlie and Anna started dating. But now that the Charlie and Jackie have gone, people just act like… well, fellow employees. So there’s not even much of a “soap opera” aspect any more. Which you think would be good, right? But no. Out of anecdotes from the book, and without the more conventional aspects of a soap opera, the writers are veering into “unbelievable” territory. Russian gangsters now invade the hotel, along with faith healers, hostage takers, over the top Hollywood caricatures and “timely” topics. And so the whole thing has just become rather silly.

So why even watch it? Two words: Emma Pierson.


I don’t know why, but this girl really does it for me. Her accent is a big part of it, of course, and her body’s tighter than a snare drum. Too bad her character will apparently never find happiness:

A faith healer (Jonah Slaughter, played by Nicholas Rowe), shows up at Babylon. He’s quickly becoming famous throughout Britain, you see, and Emily is certain that he’ll be “playing” to huge crowds at arenas throughout London in the very near future… so it only makes sense for Babylon to “get in on the ground floor” with Slaughter, so to speak. However, two “problem clients” seem to be following Slaughter. One, Caroline (Samantha Cheecks) checks herself in and heads straight to the bar. The other, Martin, sweats like a pig and appears nervous as hell as he asks Jack to hold an urn (which contains his son’s ashes) for safekeeping. But the hotel safe is full, and Jack simply can’t bear to keep the urn in his office, so he passes it off to James.

Meanwhile, Anna’s been getting some annoying calls from a guest. He’s called down to the front desk numerous times with bizarrre (and impossible) requests. And he always asks for Anna. After a while, she just can’t take it any more, so he goes upstairs to give him a piece of her mind… only to find her boyfriend, Ned, in the room waiting for her. Ned, it seems, was pulling pranks on her, trying to intice her up to his room… so he could ask her to marry him!

But before she can reply, a shot rings out. Slaughter’s assistant (Nathan, played by Adam Kotz) has brought Caroline up to Slaughter’s room. She initially appears to be quite angry with Slaughter, saying that he took £30,000 from her dying mother (yada, yada, yada – “insert other rants against TV evangelists here”). As the heated discussion continues, there’s a knock at the door… and Martin enters the room… with a gun! Caroline gets confused by Martin’s ranting and then admits that she was an actress hired by Nathan to endear him to Slaughter. She also says that Martin has “gone in and out of character”, “changed his accent several times”, and that she “knows a prop gun when she sees one”. This enrages Martin – who is there because his son died from cancer after he decided to abandon traditional medicine for one of Slaughter’s faith healing sessions. Martin then fires his gun into the ceiling to let everyone know that he means business (this is te shot that Anna heard).

Anna runs from Ned’s room and tries to rally the troops, but Jack doesn’t believe her. Tony does, and he assembles the crew for a “rescue mission”. Jack, unable to find Emily but not believing the sound was a gun, goes to Slaughter’s room… only to be wacked in the head by Martin. This knocks Jack out.

Meanwhile, the gang decides to send Anna up the ductwork to spy on Slaughter’s room, Die Hard-style:


While crawling through the (mysteriously spotless) ductwork, Anna passes Ned’s room, and overhears him talking to his mother on the phone. He talks about Anna as if she were a piece of meat… or a possible bride in a Jane Austin novel. It breaks Anna heart, but there’s no time for that now. She eventually reaches Slaughter’s room, where she spies Emily and Jack, along with Slaughter, Nathan, Caroline and Martin… and his gun! The crew rush the room – James from the door to the adjacent room and Tony using a housekeeping cart to smash the door in. Martin accidentally fires the gun… and the bullet hits the urn containing his son’s ashes (which is flying through the air because James, for some reason put on the cart). The main storyline then ends with ashes and dust everywhere and Martin crying. Classy. For some reason, no one decides to press any charges against Martin, and the hotel staff clean up the ashes and find a clear plastic container to put them in. At the very end, Tony (Dexter Fletcher) is talking about how the hotel is like family, just as Anna walks in (crying) to what was supposed to be a celebration of her engagement.

One last thing: am I the only one that thinks that the writers have completely forgotten about “customer service”? During the entire series, we’ve heard about how Hotel Babylon is supposed to have “world-class” service, yet this series we’ve seen Babylon staff acts like jerks to guests on a regular basis. I mention this because this episode in particular had some glaring anti-customer service moments. An older gentlemen, for example, has cleared his schedule so thay he could read Catch-22 at the Babylon in peace. He decides to read the book in the bar, only to be kicked out by Gino, who’s angry because the man’s laughter and appearance are scaring away customers. The man then goes up to his room to read, only to have the book ripped by by James when the guest (rightly) complains about the intrusion. This is after an earlier incident, where Jack and James loudly discuss the urn\ashes in front of guests in the restaurant. I mean… come on! Jack is the hotel manager. He’s supposedly worked in 5-star hotels all over the world. We’ve seen him kiss-ass on an unbelievable scale when he really needed to… and now he’s going to argue (loudly) in the restaurant over an urn? HELLO? WRITERS?

The BBC’s website says that the show is coming back in 2009. I dunno if I’ll be there or not. Seriously. But until then, enjoy one last shot of Anna:


MS Launch: Random Thoughts

I’ve been to lots of Microsoft product launches in my day… and yesterday’s launch of Windows Server 2008 – Visual Studio 2008 – SQL Server 2008 was no exception. Some random thoughts about the event:

The presenter was good. Yesterday’s presenter was young(ish), bald, energetic, slightly goofy, and easy to understand. Which was a huge plus, since Charlotte usually has some English guy that mumbles and stammers (ever seen The Simpsons or Family Guy do an impression of Hugh Grant? He’s just like that.)

The material was pretty good. I don’t know if Microsoft considers Charlotte to be a second- or third-tier market, but most MS events in this area work this way: some guy (and it’s usually a guy) that might (or might not) have good public speaking skills is picked to host an event. He then picks his favorite 800 new features in [product]. He then sets up virtual machine demos for each of those 800 new features. At the presentation, he begins by giving an overview of the new features in [product], then starts the demos. By demo 4, he’s figured out that he can’t possibly do all 796 remaining demos in the time alloted… but instead of choosing his 10 favorite (or the “most important”) features from the remaining demos and carrying them to completion, he’ll try to blast his way through the remaining 796 demos, barely getting 3 steps into some 19 step process. So after demo 4, most of the rest of his demos are like this: “OK, the next cool new feature of Windows Vista is “Previous Versions”… I have a demo here and… OK, here’s what we do… we open a Word document… and delete all the text in it [audience gasps]… we then save the document [audience gasps louder]… OK, so your user has now accidentally overwritten the document, right? Well, we just right-click the document… and click the “Previous Version” tab… and you can see the document’s history… I’m going to pick the version I saved last night… annnnnnddd… annndddd… you’ll have to forgive me, folks, I’ve got 5 virtual machines running on this laptop… Hmmmm.. well, if we had the time, you’d see the same document as before, instantly restored. OK, so on to User Access Control!” It’s annoying – thankfully, yesterday’s event had none of that.

The schwag was… Attendees received copies of Windows Vista Ultimate, Windows Server 2008, Visual Studio 2008, and the CTP of SQL Server 2008 (with the option to get the full version when released). This is nothing to sneeze at, of course… it’s several thousand dollars worth of free software. But there were no t-shirts, no pens, no notepads. Heck, I was even expecting to get a bunch of ads and “special offers” from the “launch partners” in a plastic bag along with the software. But no – all I got was the software, held in place by a rubber band:

MS Schwag

That is exactly what was handed to me. Man, is MS getting cheap or what? They also sprang for “breakfast”, which was a paper bag with a blueberry muffin, orange, apple, granola bar and “fun size” Baby Ruth and Milky Way bars. People in larger cities reported that they got their breakfast in “nifty insulated plastic lunch bags” (like this). I just got a damn paper bag!

The Server 2008 license is interesting. The Windows Server 2008 license is technically valid for only 1 year. It is not timebombed in any way, and our presenter said that Microsoft has no problem with anyone using this software for as long as they want, provided that they don’t use it on a production machine. So why the “1 year EULA limit”? It’s apparently because if they gave away shrink-wrapped copies, they’d have to have everyone fill out a 1099 form and pay tax on it. This way, MS can claim that it’s a “demo version” and the value is therefore zero. What’s surprising is that our presenter told us all this straight-up. MS is basically thumbing their noses at the Treasury Department, and is plainly, out in the open, telling everyone that this is a tax dodge!

The Charlotte Convention Center is weird. Charlotte’s new light rail system has a line running directly through the Convention Center. The smoking decks are right next to the rail lines… as in, I could have spit on a passing train if I wanted to. The trains run on electricity, and there are some high-voltage tracks out there… so there are signs out in the smoking areas warning people to NOT jump the rail in case of fire, but instead of go back inside the building and exit on 2nd Street. I know this sounds snarky, but I’ve always heard that the last thing you want to do in case of fire is go back inside a burning building. Hmmmm.

The Westin is funny! When you take the College Street exit from I-277, you’re dumped onto College, which is a one-way street. I normally pass the Westin Hotel’s parking deck to park at a lot directly across from the Convention Center. This time, I opted to park at the Westin (which turned out to be a good move, as the lot I would have parked in was full, and it’s giant pain in the ass to get back to the Westin deck). Anyway, as I stood waiting for the elevator in the Westin parking deck, I noticed some business cards in a holder mounted just above the call button. The cards said “You are parked on level…”. Westin has cards with the parking level printed on them, so you can remember where you parked when it’s time to leave. It’s a nice touch… only the name of my parking level was…

Westin Parking

Sweet! Westin named their parking deck after a bowel movement!

Quote of the Day: Bourdain

“Vegetarians, and their Hezbollah-like splinter faction, the vegans, are a persistent irritant to any chef worth a damn. To me, life without veal stock, pork fat, sausage, organ meat, demi-glace, or even stinky cheese is a life not worth living. Vegetarians are the enemy of everything good and decent in the human spirit, and an affront to all I stand for, the pure enjoyment of food.”

BSG: The countdown begins…

StarbuckWoo-hoo! Battlestar Galactica returns tonight for its final season. I’m pumped – are you pumped?

I can’t wait to see what happened to Starbuck… and that frakin’ hawt collarbone of hers… seriously, have you looked at Katee Sackhoff’s collarbone? It’s freakin’ perfect. Starbuck can punch me in the face any time.. especially if she’s all sweaty and wearing that sports bra thing, and…

Wait – what? Oh yeah. I can’t wait to see what the Adamas are up to as well. I can’t wait to see what the whole damn crew is up to, actually. Will they find Earth? Will Starbuck be their doom (as predicted in Razor)? Who is the last Cylon? Will it be one of the Adamas? Will it be Starbuck (please say it ain’t so). How about Laura Roslin or Gaius Baltar?

Man, I can’t wait for tonight… although watching BSG on “regular TV” will probably drive me nuts. I wasn’t a BSG fan until last fall, when I downloaded the entire series. I watched all of seasons 1-3 in around 2 weeks, sometimes watching 4-5 episodes per day. Watching one episode per week will probably make me break out in hives… or something.

Friday Fun: Wind Chimes

Syntrillium Software was a company formed in the early 1990s by former Microsoft employees Robert Ellison and David Johnston. Their most popular product was Cool Edit, a sound editing program. The company was purchased by Adobe in May 2003, and Cool Edit henceforth became known as Adobe Audition.

Sadly, it seems that Adobe has killed off Syntrillium’s other products, which included the popular Snoqualmie screen saver and Wind Chimes, a silly (but much loved) program that imitated wind chimes on your computer. Wind Chimes not only imitated traditional wind chimes, it could also do piano improvisations and imitate several Asian types of wind chimes. You could even “roll your own” chimes by choosing the number of chimes, the base note, the music scale… even the wind speed!

Many people loved Wind Chimes… so much, in fact, that it developed its own little cult following. Since I seem to be the “last hope” for certain software programs, I decided to add Wind Chimes to my collection of ancient downloadable apps:

Wind Chimes (163kb)

The program will run without installation (just unzip and run the chimes.exe file). You cannot register the program any more, and you’ll get an occasional “nag screen” that stops the chimes and reminds you to register (although you can find ways around this if you know where to look… wink-wink!).

If you are the owner of this software and you’d like for me to remove it from this site, please check out the Contact Me page to get in touch with me!

Another Sign of Doom

The Rev. Bryan Owen found this following ad in the latest issue of Episcopal Life:

THE ANGLICAN USE SOCIETY in America in communion with the Holy See of Rome offers to Clergy, Religious and Laity of the Anglican Tradition an information booklet explaining THE PASTORAL PROVISION, the canonical instrument that has made possible their reconciliation with the Holy See as units of common identity which preserve their Anglican heritage of liturgy, hymnody and spirituality.

As he notes, this amounts to “an official publication of the Episcopal Church includ[ing] an advertisement from an official Roman Catholic organization that invites Episcopal congregations to leave the Episcopal Church and become Roman Catholic”. Additionally, “Episcopal priests of those congregations will be ordained as Roman Catholic priests, even if they are married. Those congregations and clergy will also be allowed to ‘retain certain liturgical elements proper to the Anglican tradition’.”

Wow. Read all about it here.

BREAKING: Court Sides With Parishes!

From various sources:

A Fairfax circuit judge has awarded a favorable judgment to a group of 11 Anglican churches that were taken to court last fall after breaking away from the Episcopal Diocese of Virginia in late 2006.

In an 83-page opinion released late last night, Judge Randy Bellows ruled that Virginia’s Civil War-era “division statute” granting property to departing congregations applies to the Northern Virginia congregations, which are now part of the Nigerian-administered Convocation of Anglicans in North America.

“The court finds that a division has occurred in the diocese,” the judge wrote. “Over 7 percent of the churches in the diocese, 11 percent of its baptized membership and 18 percent of the diocesan average attendance of 32,000 [per Sunday] have left in the past two years.”

The lawsuit, which is the largest property case to date in the history of the Episcopal Church, involves millions of dollars of real estate and assets. With the finding that a division has occurred, the congregations get to keep the property under Virginia law.

Because the diocese and the national Episcopal Church are expected to challenge the constitutionality of Virginia’s division statute, the judge has already scheduled arguments for that trial for May 28.

The 11 parishes, which include some of Virginia’s most historic churches such as Truro Episcopal in Fairfax and The Falls Church in Falls Church, voted in December 2006 to leave the Episcopal Church over longstanding disputes on biblical authority and human sexuality, most specifically the consecration of Bishop Gene Robinson of New Hampshire.

The Episcopal Church has been called to repent the Robinson consecration by much of the rest of the worldwide Anglican Communion, and its standing as the U.S. representative of Anglicanism is in question over the issue.

Thanks to Stand Firm and Baby Blue for keeping us updated!

Get well, Jen!

I’ve known Jennifer King (Dunn) for… almost 17 years now. She’s my second oldest friend in the entire world, and it makes me feel old to think that in my life I’ve known her longer than I haven’t known her. I also think that it’s kind of sad that I’ve lived in Charlotte for 5 years now and I’ve probably seen her less in that time than when I lived in Atlanta. People change, though, and when Jen got married she “adopted” her husband’s friends. I’m not gonna knock her for that; I know that it “just happens” with people. Hell, my “Duluth High School crowd” were freakishly close until everyone started to hit their 30s, and then folks started moving away, or having children, or what have you. Where once 50 of us would get together to celebrate someone’s birthday, you’re now lucky to even get a tiny handful for almost any reason.

My point behind all this is that even though Jen and I aren’t nearly as close as we once were, I still care about the girl an awful lot. And if you’re one of the “Charlotte gang”, you probably know what happened to her this week. It’s depressing and it’s pointless… and I sincerely hope that she gets better ASAP.

I love you, you damn weirdo! Get well, and soon!  🙂

News for 04/03/2008

It seems like it’s been forever, and I’ve got a huge backlog of stuff, so… LET’S DO THE NEWS!

Singer Bobby Brown is writing a tell-all book… in which he claims that it was Whitney that drove him to do drugs (and not the other way around, as many of us have assumed). Naomi Campbell done got herself arrested again and New Kids On The Block are getting back together. The Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away, I guess.

In case you haven’t heard, there’s a nationwide recall of cantaloupe sold by Dole and Chiquita , so if you see any in your local store, please don’t buy any!

Researchers at Harvard University have discovered bacteria in the ground that not only aren’t affected by antibiotics… they actually eat them! This explains why scientists have generally not found high levels of antibiotics in soil samples, even in fields spread with manure from cows treated with antibiotics. The really scary thing about all this is that many of the bacteria wouldn’t die until they were given 50 to 100 times the amount of bacteria that would kill a human. Although these bacteria are so far harmless to humans, let’s hope that these traits don’t cross over to other types of bacteria any time soon.

In travel news, the Westin Casuarina Hotel & Spa in Las Vegas has started charging convention attendees the fee their organization would have paid to host the event. Let me explain: an Austin, Texas-based group called “The Coaching Center” wanted to have a convention in Las Vegas. The Westin charged them a $50,000 fee to hold the convention, but when The Coaching Center didn’t pay its bill, the Westin started adding $600 to $1200 to each attendee’s bill. Classy, Westin! And you’ve probably heard about the disaster that is the new “T5” terminal at London’s Heathrow Airport. The $8 billion expansion was supposed to be “state of the art”, but has been a nightmare for travelers. The high-tech luggage system has broken down multiple times, causing British Airways (BA) to cancel hundreds of flights. The luggage situation is so dire, in fact, that BA is shipping 28,000 pieces of luggage to Italy, where they’ll be sorted by hand. The whole fiasco has cost BA £16 million so far, although Deutsche Bank estimates it’ll cost BA £150 million when all’s said and done.

Don’t get all smug at BA’s misfortunes, though. By now you’ve probably heard about the poor woman in Lubbock, Texas who was forced to remove her nipple rings by TSA agents. In reading some of the comments by people online, I was struck by how many people have no idea how body piercings work. Yes, most body piercings are removable, but body piercings aren’t meant to be removed once they’ve in. In most cases, body piercings aren’t like an ear ring that can easily be popped in and out. Earrings are holes made in cartilage that may never close up, even if the wearer goes months without putting a ring in their ear. Body piercings, on the other hard, are usually through skin, which may start to close up in minutes. Nipple piercings are particularly problematic; I once knew a girl that took her nipple rings out for some reason, and she found that the holes had already partially healed within a few hours. She had to go back to the tattoo parlor and get the piercing redone, which she said was unbelievably painful. As is happened, the poor girl in Lubbock had to ask the TSA agents for some pliers to get the ring out, and some jerk-ass male agents sat around and snickered at her whilst she took the ring out. This is close to torture, folks. Seriously. Imagine that your big toe set off the metal detector at your local airport, and a TSA agent asked you to pull your toenail off so he\she could examine you in detail. OK, removing a nipple ring isn’t quite that painful, but it’s not far off. When will the U.S. government stop this insane and pointless “security theatre” and let people get back to living their lives?

In case you don’t have enough to worry about, one of the newest scams out there combines identify theft with mortgage fraud to make… house stealing! As The Consumerist summarizes it, “thieves find house, figure out who owns it, assume their identity, forge signatures on the paperwork, get the deed transferred over to themselves, and then quickly sell it and run off”. Great! Thankfully, the FBI says that this isn’t common… yet.

Some jerk-ass hackers broke into the Epilepsy Foundation’s website and filled it with flashing GIFs and links to pages filled with bright, flashing lights and color patterns (around 3% of people with epilepsy can have  seizures based on visual simulation… like flashing lights and colors).  Humanity, it seems, has sunk to a new low.

And lastly, do you remember getting those small “sample boxes” of cereal in the mail? The site Photoshop Disasters has this great picture of a box of General Mill’s “Curves” cereal. Curves is apparently aimed at women on diets, as the box has a picture of a woman leaping (for joy, I assume). Only the woman has a black face and white stomach. Photoshop disaster, indeed!

Hotel Babylon (Series 3, Episode 7)

Another Tuesday, another episode of Hotel Babylon. The theme of this week’s episode is “don’t take anything at face value”, and the episode lives up to that premise.

Eddie Palmer (Steven Pinder) is a guy that hosts a chat show in the north of England; he’s come to London to try and take the show national, and he’s staying at the Babylon while that goes on. He sweet talks Tony into getting him a hooker. Tony would prefer using one of his own contacts, but Palmer insists on using his own… which leads to Tony escorting Mei (Sophie Wu) to Palmer’s room. Unfortunately, Mei was kidnapped back in China and forced to move to the UK as a sex slave… oh, and she’s only 15! After Tony hears Mei’s story, he finds Palmer in the lobby and punches him, causing his immediate dismissal:


Tony, being a “good guy”, isn’t going to let the matter slide, however. He changes into street clothes and keeps a watch over Mei. Eventually, her pimp tracks them down and demands £10,000 for her passport. Tony finds all the cash he’s hidden in the hotel and calls in favors from other concierges… but he only manages to come up with £5,000. Will he be able to get the rest of the money in time? And why is he scrambling to pay off a gangster instead of calling the police? Will he be able to get his job back? Does he even want his job back?

Meanwhile, James has come up with an awesome new menu. He’s spent untold hours on the menu, making it as perfect as can be. It’s helped the restaurant soar in popularity, so much so that he has to hire new wait staff. He even develops a bit of a crush on Chloe, one of the new staff, too. Everything, it seems, is coming up James at the moment.

However, he’s also lorded his restaurant’s popularity over Gino, who’s more than a bit jealous of James’ success. When the general manager of The Burlington is spotted talking to Gino, suspicions fly… especially after The Burlington rolls out a new menu that’s suspiciously similar to the Babylon’s. Everyone suspects Gino, but Gino adamantly denies selling out the Babylon to The Burlington. Gino even comes up with a plan to prove his innocence: when the Burlington’s GM was talking to him, Gino offered him some nuts… which he declined, saying that he’s allergic. Jack invites the Burlington GM to have dinner with him to discuss the matter of the stolen menu, and Gino has James drench the salads in a hazelnut vinagrette. Chloe is the waitress, and she nervously serves the two their salads… but just as the GM is about to take a bite of the salad, Chloe begs the GM not to eat the salad. How would a random waitress know that the GM of a completing restaurant is allergic to nuts? She wouldn’t, of course.

Comic relief for this episode is provided once again by Anna and Ben. Magician Dan Black (David Schneider) is staying in the hotel as he plans his biggest trick ever: disappearing from Trafalgar Square. Ben seems to enjoy the little tricks that Dan plays on them at the front desk, but Anna knows that magic is just an illusion, and she becomes obsessed with finding out Dan’s secrets… so much so that she has Ben break in to Dan’s room… but will Dan get the last laugh? I’ll end the suspense: yes, he does.

Just for tradition (and giggles), here’s this week’s “required” picture of Anna (Emma Pierson):


All in all, a decent episode for a show on its last legs. I’m still not sure why Tony and Emily would scrape up £10,000 to pay off a gangster, especially when both of them were given free reign to come up with the money. The gangster stayed in the room with Mei and Emily as Tony roamed the hotel and called up his buddies at other hotels. Why the hell didn’t he just call the cops? I’m sure that Tony and\or Jack could have worked out some kind of “deal” with the police that would have kept “HOTEL BABYLON SITE OF HUMAN TRAFFICKING ARREST” headlines out of the papers. I mean, £10,000 is around $20,000. Tony provided half that money… that shouldn’t be a huge problem for Tony, because we know that he makes mad (untaxed) money… but still. Giving up $10,000 to a total stranger? Even if she’s in dire need? And Emily… selling her most cherished ring at a fraction of its value, just to help a stranger out? Look, I’d like to think that I’d help a stranger too… I just don’t know if I’d give her pimp $10,000 and buy her a ticket back to China and give her some pocket money on top of that… not when 911 calls are free.

Next week’s episode looks as silly as ever: there’s some kind of hostage situation, and the Babylon’s staff are tasked with freeing them (again, why not call the police?). Anna is apparently the one to crawl through the air vents in this episode, and she just happens to be wearing a tight white wifebeater under her dress shirt… of course. Not that I’m complaining, mind you. I’d watch a ten-hour miniseries of Emma Pierson mopping her kitchen floor! I just think it’s funny that the BBC showed her in the wifebeater like, 10 times in the previews for the next episode, especially the shot where she rips open her dress shirt. Why not just freeze-frame the shots, so the folks at Mr Skin can capture it easily? Why not have a little siren and the words with “NICE RICK ALERT!” flashing on the screen when Anna opens her shirt? Again, it’s not like I mind looking at Emma Pierson, but damn… could you at least try to be a bit more subtle, Auntie?