ABC picks up Mars

It’s official, folks: according to Variety, ABC has picked up 13 episodes of the David E. Kelley-produced U.S. version of Life On Mars.

I’m both encouraged and terrified by this news. “Encouraged” because this will allow millions of people to enjoy the wonderful story that is Life On Mars. I’m also encouraged by early casting news, which has nothing but British or Irish actors listed so far. So perhaps the “U.S. version” will be a simple remake with a minimal amount of changes.

But then, I’m also terrified by what could happen. Perhaps one of the suits at ABC will demand that the show relocate to San Diego with Zac Efron as Sam Tyler, Ashton Kutcher as Gene Hunt and Jessica Simpson as Annie Cartwright (shudder!).

Still, it’s good to see the show being picked up. I’m intrigued to say the least… bring on the fall schedule!!


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