Bourdain Interviewed

The Times Record News (of Wichita Falls, Texas, of all places!) has posted a great interview with celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain here. In it, Bourdain discusses the places he visits, how the show is filmed, what he thinks is wrong with American cuisine, and even talks about how he’s tired of bashing on Rachel Ray.

Here’s a brief excerpt, where he’s asked what he’d do if Rachel Ray came to him and asked for his help with her cooking technique:

Q: So if she came to you and said, “Tony, help me get better,” what would you say?

A: She doesn’t have to ask me! Read (expletive) Julia Child or Ina Garten! You know, it’s not like she doesn’t have a template here. Just take a half hour and tune in Ina Garten. I may not want to hang out with Ina all weekend, either. We’re not the same kind of people at all. I have nothing in common with her other than the fact that when Ina Garten cooks, she’s cookin’ correct.

Read the interview in full here.

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