The World’s Worst Photographer

In the market for some boudoir pictures? Whatever you do, don’t call this guy (NSFW WARNING: although there is no nudity at the site, there are pictures of girls in lingerie). Click any of the “Artistic Samples” links.

I personally can’t decide what the worst thing about these pictures is: the hideous, corn-fed Midwestern girls, the godawful lighting, the cheesy and out-of-focus backgrounds, the stiff poses, the awful quality of the scans or the lame Frederick’s of Hollywood knockoffs.

All I know is I need to wash my eyeballs with bleach after looking at those pictures!

One Reply to “The World’s Worst Photographer”

  1. Ha ha! I don’t know if he’s the “World’s Worst” but is shooting his way towards that goal.
    I saw this site last year and thought “Is this for real?”
    While some of the models could have been quite beautiful-their stunned “get me out of here” expressions made me fear for their lives.

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