Cool Post on Mad Men Blog!

I just wanted to post a link to this cool article on the Mad Men blog about some of the women’s fashion on the show. Although most of the post wonders what modern designers characters like Bobbie Barrett and Betty Draper would wear today, there’s some interesting stuff near the end of the post about Joan’s wardrobe:

– The bras that Christina Hendricks wears on the show are based on an actual 1960s bra found at a thrift store in New Orleans. The costume crew bought the bra and, once they knew it fit Christina perfectly, carefully took it apart, and used the “bra parts” as a pattern to make several new ones for the show.

– Most of Joan’s clothes are genuine vintage dresses. However, the costume team usually buys dresses that are five to six times too large for Christina. This gives them a lot of extra fabric that they can play around with while altering the dress.

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