The Audacity of The Episcopal Church

This is absolutely unbelievable. From BabyBlue:

It’s been learned tonight that Bishop Peter James Lee and the Diocese of Virginia have requested that Christ Church Alexandria deed all their church property personally to the Bishop of Virginia.

A congregational vote is scheduled for this Sunday.

According to the current rector of Christ Church, Pierce Klemmt and Senior Warden, Rawles Jones, “the Diocese has asked Christ Church to quitclaim its interest in the property to the Diocese.” In a letter sent to members of the congregation, they write that “The Vestry has considered this course of action and recommends it to the Congregation.”

This church has land records dating back to August 18, 1747 indicating that it was given to the “Vestry of Truro Parish”. Peroid dot – game over. TEC loses, especially given the way TEC has been losing in the good courts of the Commonwealth of Virginia lately. Am I to believe that the Diocese of Virginia is attempting to take over parish churches… before Judge Bellows has even ruled?

The sheer hubris of these people… it’s almost unseemly. Seriously! When, in all the many centuries of Christianity, did a mainstream Christian church ever actively start kicking out orthodox members? Well, I’m sure it’s happened more often than I remember at the moment… but still. I guess it’s because it just seems so silly that it would happen in this day and age. The Episcopal Church is remaking itself as the “Good News Church” of our times. But to do that, they have to get rid of pesky “ummm, there’s rules here” people like me.

So, essentially, the hierarchy of the Episcopal Church is telling me to a) join the Catholic Church (no thanks); or b) join a “Continuing Anglican” church, of which there are exactly two in a 90 mile radius of me, that might be anything from High Church (Yaaa!) to Low Church (and why not just be a Methodist if you’re gonna go that route?); or c) go Orthodox (not a bad option, really… but dammit, why am I being forced to leave my church anyway?; or d) wait for the GAFCON Gang to get the ball rolling. So I’m guessing that I’ll just wait. For now.

So… come join us at your local Episcopal Church. We’re the “Hatfield and McCoys” church. It’s real Alice in Wonderland stuff over here.

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  1. People of Virginia,beware of false prophets! The problem of homosexsuality is not new in this world.The problem deals with the sense of right and wrong,what is good and what is bad.Homosexsuality is just a foundation for a larger problem.You all need to read Isaiah 3 verse 9,what is says about sodomy.It says “you have declared sodomy as your sin you hide it not,woe to you all for you because you are just going to destroy your own soul.Society that condones sodomy brings a curse on itself ant its posterity.

    Ask youself this question,what kind of advise do you think,the first in evrtything – washington or “light foot” Lee will give on the issue of sodomy in this present age?Do you all remember what the bible says about not deviating ftom the percepts of thy parents.The founding fathers set this country on the right foot,it will be sad if you will not be deligent enough to preserve it for the generations that is not yet born.Now that it is acceptable for men to put on hearrings(thanks to gay loving President Clinton for that)Obama presidency will do lot worse.My next prediction is that by the turn of this century,lipstick is going to be the next mans fashion accessory.America is slipping into that dark age whereby nothing is wrong anymore.

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