R.I.P. Farrah Fawcett

Farrah FawcettFarrah Fawcett, who made the 70s TV show Charlie’s Angels a massive hit and who for many personified the “All-American girl” look, has passed away from cancer. She was 62. Her longtime companion Ryan O’Neal and close friend Alana Stewart were at her side.

Charlie’s Angels debuted in September 1976, and the show became an instant hit for ABC, largely due to the presence of Fawcett (billed as “Farah Fawcett-Majors” due to her then marriage to The Six Million Dollar Man‘s Lee Majors). Fawcett’s image appeared on thousands of lunch boxes, t-shirts, and perhaps the most iconic poster in American history. Her image was used to sell toothpaste, shampoo and wigs… and even a specialty plumbing device called “Farrah’s Faucet”.

She would shock America by quitting Angels after the first season. Fawcett would appear in a bunch of forgettable films, including her first film, Somebody Killed Her Husband, which critics said should have been called Somebody Killed Her Career. Critical acclaim would finally come for her portrayal of an abused wife in the 1984 TV movie The Burning Bed.

Goodbye, Farrah. You will be missed, angel!

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  1. Nice. And I had that poster on my wall, which I got from some advertising promotion (box tops, etc. don’t remember) and I had the lunchbox.

    When I was 7, I had the biggest boy crush on her. She will be missed. Ryan O’Neal, not so much. I burned Lee Majors’ memory from my mind with a soldering iron.

  2. I really admire Farah Fawcett because she is very talented and at the same time very beautiful. We are going to miss her.

  3. does anyone recall farah’s drug idled lettermen appearence in the 90’s and of course the classic playboy layout before cougars were in fashion..nothing quite as sexy as grey pubes….too soon??

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