What a load!

Environmental protesters dumped a load of manure in Jeremy Clarkson’s driveway… but how was anyone able to notice?

Clarkson, who hosts the show Top Gear in which he and others test out a variety of cars, is known for sticking his foot in his mouth almost as often as Prince Philip. Since Clarkson rarely has anything nice to say about Americans, Germans, Asians, small animals, trees, fat people, non-whites, the poor, truck drivers,  or almost anything else (cite), it would be hard for me to tell when the bullshit stops and where Clarkson begins.

Also, Candus Jane Zanghi is a bitch. Not quite as bitchy as Cintra Wilson, but a bitch all the same.

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  1. What’s especially sad is that none of the contributors to the Eric Ripert issue of Candus’s magazine (The Food Mag) have been paid. Candus may or may not be a b@tch, but she owes a LOT of people a LOT of money.

  2. Candus is still on the loose—grabbing all kinds of money from investors for personal use–rent, car, herself. She’s pockedted money from subscibers (two issues in 2 years) the third is “supposedly” out. She owes 4 print companies thousands of dollars. She’s based out her company in WA, Delaware, NY, Arlington. So where is this person? People if she owes you money complain to the Post Office…she can do jail time and pay a HUGE fine. She deserves to be in jail. She’s a bad person. I’m sorry for all the victims out there.

  3. I live in Centreville, Virginia in New Gate Townhomes. It is Fairfax County Virginia

  4. 5939 Havener House way. Lost my car, in process of being evicted, neglect my kids, pulled the oldest out of school 4 months ago. I lie lie lie all the time to get my way.

  5. Candus/Candice fits the perfect traits of a sociopath and is a pathological liar. Not well liked by people for her ugly personality. She is very evil and mean (not the brightest either) Thinks she is but not. She cons people for money and will slander anyone to make herself feel better. In other words she is a bully. She has a history of domestic violence, child negligence, many different names which cops told me she fits the perfect profile trying to evade law enforcement. Hoping for the day she gets busted and goes where she belongs jail for life.

  6. Candice has been evicted from her last place, yet again. She no longer lives in Centreville. The owner kicked her out due to non payment of rent. No one knows where she went…hopefully out of VA since no one likes her. Wonder if the voices in her head told her to move to New York. Every 5 months she seems to be on the move since she has no money and no job. She has paranoia schizophrenia. Very delusional and crazy.

  7. She just moved to Las Vegas. She is a crazy, crazy woman. I unfortunately have to deal with her craziness almost daily. She says she moved to Vegas to be closer to her investors. Not relly sure what the truth is, because she is a habitual liar.

  8. I met her once in Washington DC. I was working for a human rights organisation and she was visiting some frinds or family. She was really kind to me and even offered to pay for a flight to visit her in Seattle.
    I did loose touch with her (before the creation of facebook and skype) but she seemed like a really nice woman and I am sorry if she has fallen upon bad times.

  9. Wow. Except for Morgan’s post, I know there is not one post above that has even an ounce of truth to it. I know Candus very well and she is an honest and beautiful person inside and out. Those posts (lies) were written by people with agendas, such as a photographer who ruined several photo shoots and then tried to fleece her out of ten thousand dollars. And a nosy former neighbor wrote almost all of the other posts. The neighbor got aggressively upset because Candus did not want to be friends with her and so the neighbor began a juvenile hate campaign against Candus. The neighbor spread all of these lies and made up all of these stories just because Candus was not interested in socializing with her. The neighbor is currently being sued for defamation.

    Candus has never misappropriated any investor funds and has turned away several investor offers because they were not good for the company in the long run. I know for a fact she has only had 1 printer and I know she has paid them over $300,000. I also know she has paid out over $230,000 in invoices to people working on the magazine. She has also paid writers and photographers $500 bonuses on top of their invoices.

    Candus has never been evicted. The home in Centreville was a temporary residence, which turned out to be infested with mold on all three levels. Candus had to sue the owner in order to get out of the lease and move promptly to protect herself and her children.

    Candus has worked tirelessly and done nothing but try to build a good company and create jobs for people in the publishing industry in this rough economy. Those that continue to attack her and her company do not know the facts and are just writing vicious lies to try to disparage her. Anyone who really knows Candus will tell you she is a lovely person and an excellent mother. Those allegations written by others are absolutely absurd.

  10. Really, Tyler? I actually feel really sorry for you that you had time in your life to write such a jealous and harassing comment, but I couldn’t help pointing out how cute I am!

  11. Okay “Tyler” ! This is so funny. I’m SURE that Candus wrote that, because I have hundreds of emails from her and they are all written the exact same way. I should actually start a blog posting all of her emails so that everyone can see just how pathetic and immature she really is. She is anything but lovely. Lol!! That is really funny.

  12. Haha! I also have harassing emails from Candus, AKA”Tyler”. She is SO far from lovely, beautiful or honest. She is an ugly, hateful, spiteful, jealous, lying wench. I hope that everyone that she owes money to sues her. I honestly can not believe that she still has custody of her children. The fathers of her children need to do something about that. She is insane. Literally.

  13. Also, I love how she says she is creating jobs for people in this rough economy. She had put out 2 magazines in the past 3 years. The last was over a year ago. way to go, Candus. Bravo on a job well done. NOT!

  14. I do not know what has happened in the private or professional life of Candus during these last many years, nor do I want to know unless it is from her personally, but this all sounds rather harsh. Needless to say I can only rely on what I saw myself.

    When I met her she was very level-headed. She was interested in studying and working in the same field I was in (Law and civil liberties). She introduced me to several interesting cases from the US legal system (I lived in London back then and was only in the US for a few months). Her son (who must be almost a teenager by now) seemed really healthy in all manners and so the accusations of child negligence seem highly improbable.

    Candus has started a business, which is a big undertaking by any standard. There are always likely to be problems in the beginning but truly one must give respect to those who have the courage that so many lack.

    While I appreciate that many years have passed, I do find this sort of aggressive writing against an individual not only unnecessary but also dangerous. Freedom of speech should remain free but it is given in trust that it not be abused. If anyone in this forum finds that they or anyone in their proxy have been wronged by Candus and/or her enterprise, I strongly recommend that they take appropriate legal action.

    If you are not taking appropriate legal action one must assume that you have not been wronged.

    If people merely find themselves with too much time on their hands I recommend they direct their outrage towards those injustices we see but cannot stop. There are people who need your time and attention. Children who need tutoring, old people who need someone to tell them they still matter (because they do) and neighbourhoods who need heroes who will bring smiles back.
    Now that is freedom of speech.

  15. No one except me, Melissa was her only friend. Her next door neighbor knew Cadus was crazy and stayed the hell away from her. She never tried to be her friend. Candus went out with Me all the time at night we would neglect my kids. I was evicted because I couldn’t pay my car or rent payments. I’m so old and ugly no one wants me. I need money. I used people and I have no remorse. I am a sociopath with no shame. I only made people hate me I did this to myself. I am a loser. I slept with married men and stalked them. There was no mold in the house. Melissa tells me there is a family living there with no problems what so ever with children and everyone seems so happy now that we are gone. I’m a freak of nature and a loser. I stalked my neighbor and gave her life a living hell and just about everyone else but Melissa. She’s just as crazy and trouble some as I am.

  16. No one except me, Melissa was her only friend. Her next door neighbor knew Cadus was crazy and stayed the hell away from her. She never tried to be her friend. Candus went out with Me all the time at night we would neglect my kids. I was evicted because I couldn’t pay my car or rent payments. I’m so old and ugly no one wants me. I need money. I used people and I have no remorse. I am a sociopath with no shame. I only made people hate me I did this to myself. I am a loser. I slept with married men and stalked them. There was no mold in the house. Melissa tells me there is a family living there with no problems what so ever with children and everyone seems so happy now that we are gone. I’m a freak of nature and a loser. I stalked my neighbor and gave her life a living hell and just about everyone else but Melissa. She’s just as crazy and trouble some as I am.

  17. Who the hell is this Candus? She has been using my phone number.

    I get phone calls, from collection agencies, car rental companies saying that she did not return her car, power companies asking to pay the bill, even her son’s school asking her to return the call.

    This has been going on for 4 years! WTF is wrong with this person? And why does anyone trust her with anything? This is a nuisance for me, having to still deal with these phone calls. Please, someone put her in jail!

  18. I don’t know, if Candis Jane Zanghi is a bitch; BUT she is scammer. Her so-called
    magazine “The Food Magazine” is nothing, but a scam. I’ve sent in $40.00 for 4 years subscription; and, AS YET, I’ve received one. I subscribe 2009. And the BITCH doesn’t have a phone, email address, or any kind of “real” address. People have filed with the BB of the Northwest about her scam and on the net.

    Best thing for everyone…………contact U.S. Postal – Mail Fraud Division; plus Consumer Protection; Attorney General Office in NV, WA, VA and any other state she claims she has lived.

  19. After reading all the comments about Candis, I really believe all the postive comments were written by Candis Jane Zanghi. Seems to have some very serious mental problems.

  20. Dear Peggy.
    I was in this forum and I can say that the positive comment that I put in was not written by Candus. Like I said, I have not had contact with her for a long time. I put my full name in to identify myself. There is only one Morgan Davlin Johnson in the world. If you have any questions/comments feel free to contact me, but I am afraid I can only tell you what I knew from ages ago.
    Sincerely, Morgan

  21. I had the “unfortunate” luck of meeting Morgan Davlin Johnson years ago. Not someone I would recommend for “anything” and in my opinion not credible at all! But hey – It certainly would not surprise me if he wanted to stand up for someone like himself. I mean – one might expect he’s got “a lot” in common with this person. Too funny. “As if” his endorsement is helpful to anyone! 😀

  22. Like most people I have made my mistakes so I will not pretend to be innocent. You cannot correct the past but you can try to make amends.
    My work with battered women and my current deployment to Afghanistan is part of me trying to leave the world a better place than I found it.
    If I somehow hurt “Who cares”, then I am truly sorry.
    However, “who cares” makes an interesting point by claiming to have met me yet fails to give details as to who, what, where. What did I look like back then? What is that little habit I have?
    I will not pretend to stand up for Candus. Like I mentioned, I have not seen her in ages. But I do not believe in personal assaults on private citizens by people who hide behind a digital veil and claim to speak the truth.

  23. I don’t know anything about her personal life, but Candus Jane Zanghi definitely continued the patterns described above with the third issue of FOOD magazine (Rocco DiSpirito on the cover). She requested several stories from me with promises not only of payment for each, but a bonus for patiently waiting through the long publishing period (about a year on that issue, despite the rushed, last-minute original request for the stories). Only one story ran, and I’ve never been paid for any of them, despite repeated email promises of payment. It’s been over two years since the whole experience started. There was a great deal of anguish and distress on my part when I realized that all that hard work, and the perceived potential for moving my career up a notch had vanished on the wind.

    A fellow prominent writer was also enlisted to write for that issue, and experienced similar results (several stories requested and completed, and never paid). We’ve debated about a legal response, and the poster above who claims that if we don’t file suit the assumption “must” be that we weren’t wronged is the one who is wrong. Legal responses are expensive, complicated and time consuming — three things that make the cost/benefit challenging. Not to mention Candus manages to never offer up any sort of mailing address and her phone number has changed. Our big mistake was never signing a legal contract (though I requested one several times up front). While that’s a fairly common occurrence in the small business world of independent magazines, I’ll never allow it to happen again.

  24. I actually worked A LOT with Candus on the first issue of Food. All of the statements above are true. She created a magazine for the Food Network that they DID NOT approve but threatened to and tried to get it on the shelves anyway. That is just psychotic. She decided to start her own to spite Food Network. Candus doesn’t even cook!! She knows nothing about food. She lied to the first print company in order to get the issue printed. If you contact them you will find an outstanding invoice for over $150k. She had to find another print company in order to get the 2nd issue printed and again, lied to them as well. She has over $250k in outstanding print invoices that I know of. There are definietly more because she has had at least 1 or 2 issues printed. I heard she moved back to Washington, her home state and I assume it is because she had to in order to scam another print company. The reason she changes her phone number and moves is so that the print companies can’t find her. She knows writers won’t go after her, it would be too expensive and not worth the time/cost. She used investor money for personal use; her child’s birthday party, personal legal matters, rent, etc. This is highly illegal and she could serve prison time for that. She has stalked every single ex-boyfriend and used her children as pawns. She DOES in fact neglect them and she had her 2nd child only because she thought it would bring the child’s father, Heath, back to her. She has had restraining orders against her from multiple men.

    Morgan Davlin Johnson, I thought she was a really sweet and level headed person when I first started working with her. All of this craziness gradually comes out. She has zero friends and that is for a reason. She is the most psychotic person I have ever met. She not only needs to be locked up but she needs a serious amount of psychiatric help and I genuinely mean that.

    1. @Anonymous

      Would you be willing provide me more specific information?

      I am working on a case involving Candus Janel Buena Reed Richards Zanghi Brinkerhoff and believe what you have to offer could be very useful.

      As you can all see, this thread has not aged well. We are now more than 10 years past the original post and i am investigating Candus for many of the reasons that have been outlined above. Candus is a psychopath with narcissistic personality disorder. She lacks empathy, remorse, and any feeling of guilt.

      Candus is a danger to herself and others, especially her 13-year old daughter. I have been hired to protect the interests of her daughter and once my report is complete, there will be a petition to mandate Candus gets the mental health and fitness evaluation she so desperately needs.

      If any of you have anything to offer, please reach out by email:


  25. This Tyler person….is actually Candus. Candus looks every single day on the internet for posts about her and responds to them under an alias. DO NOT believe this “Tyler” post. I promise you, it is Candus writing that.

  26. Whoever you are, Candus Zanghi, please stop giving out my phone number as yours. I keep getting calls from collection agencies looking for you, from Dominion Power, from Hertz car rental, from your kids’ school, etc. STOP using my number!

  27. I have written for wine and food magazines for years and enjoyed a profitable and professional relationship with them. Candus hired me to write a few articles for her new project, Food magazine, and promised payment that amounted to over $10,000 for the few. I wrote the articles, incurred expenses with them, and she published them in the few issues she got out. Never got a dime from her. She’s a crook and a swindler. Stay away.

  28. Will anyone with information about Candus J Buena Reed Richards Zanghi Brinkerhoff please reach out to me at PNWInvestigator@gmail.com.

    Anything you can offer about her past or present would be useful. Candus is a habitual liar and is doing daily mental and emotional damage to her youngest child who was, as mentioned above, conceived only to try and keep the child’s father in her life. It has been 13 years and her child’s father has always been present, flying across the country to wherever Candus chose to go in order to be a good father. Candus, in her sociopathic ways, harasses the father of her child daily, calls his attorney weekly, and tells their child her father doesn’t care about her because he spends time with his partner and children, not just their daughter. Candus has also told her daughter that her FOURTH husband is her father and to call her dad by his real name, not dad.

    It’s time this woman is held accountable for the vile things she has done and continues to do.

  29. For the record, I don’t know, nor have I ever met, Candus Zanghi. 10+ years ago, I posted a link to story on a now defunct site – foodnetwork humor.com – about a woman who, I think – ran a magazine and refused to pay anyone involved with – again, I think – the third issue? And then skipped town? I can’t remember. But that’s all I ever did.

  30. I’m the photographer who shot most of the images for the first two issues of the FOOD Magazine, and never got paid. I paid travel and crew expenses out of my own pocket and sent an invoice – and like the stylist and many others, never got paid. Candus is a crook and deserves to be in prison.

    Candus, I know you’ll see this – write me anytime, honey. BTW I feel so sorry for your kids…..

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