LGF doesn’t like me

Little Green Footballs is a blog run by a guy named Charles Johnson. I found the site shortly before the blog rose to national prominence due to his discovery of the faked documents used by 60 Minutes in a story critical of George W. Bush story on the eve of 2004 presidential election. I was intrigued by the blog, which covered many stories of Islamic extremism that mainstream news outlets seemed to ignore.

Like  most blogs, LGF has a “comments” section. Unlike many, you have to have an LGF account to leave a comment… and Johnson is notorious for keeping a tight grip on the total number of allowed commenters. After several months, I was finally able to sign up and get my own account.

But then Barack Obama was elected to the presidency, and ever since LGF has drifted over to the Left. Where the blog used to attack DailyKos and the Huffington Post, Johnson (for whatever reason) decided to turn on the Right.

After one especially liberal post, I left a comment asking when Keith Olbermann took over LGF. Imagine my surprise (or lack thereof) when I went to log in the past Saturday and got this message:


I guess Charles Johnson can’t handle mild criticism. That’s the only reason for blocking my account. The post didn’t have any foul language or name calling. As best I remember, it said only “Jeez – when did Keith Olbermann take over this blog?” And for that, I’m now no longer an LGF member.

Oh well… but since I’m no longer a member, I guess I can also say this: Charles Johnson has the world’s worst taste in music! Pat Metheny? Steely Dan? The Keith Jarrett Trio? God, I think I just threw up in my mouth a little!

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