Best Restaurant Ever!

From the “Better Late Than Never” Department:

Lisa and I went to Myrtle Beach at the end of August, mainly because we got a killer deal at the Holiday Sands South hotel. It certainly wasn’t the Ritz, but it was clean, comfortable and on the beach… all you could ask from a $26/night hotel room.

Shortly after our arrival, Lisa and I stopped in the lobby to have a look at the hotel’s giant display of tourist brochures. A Chinese restaurant menu caught my eye from some reason, and when I took a look at it, I instantly knew why:

(click to enlarge)
(click to enlarge)

The back side of the menu (not pictured) had a giant list of standard American Chinese dishes like Lo Mein, Moo Shu pork and Hunan Beef. The front side, on the other hand, had a galaxy of opportunities: sub sandwiches, nachos, fajitas, burritos, crab cakes, catfish, country fried steak, meat loaf, burgers, spaghetti, fried jalapenos.. and best of all cigarettes! Yep, you can apparently order Salem, Marlboros and\or Winstons from this restaurant!

Sadly, we never got around to ordering from this place, but it sure sounds awesome!

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