UX Evangelist on Apple’s Marketing

Here’s a good post by UX Evangelist, who wonders where Apple would be without Microsoft to beat up on:

It seems that for all of their, “Mac users are, ‘up here’ and everyone else is just, ‘down there'”, they don’t really give a good reason to use their product. Not once does one… get the impression from those commercials to get a Mac other than for the purpose of, “not getting millions of viruses.” You know, if I’m going to buy something, I don’t want FUD marketing techniques to sell it to me. Granted, if someone wanted to, they could go pull up Apple’s website to see what a Mac is really supposed to be about but doesn’t that defeat the purpose? How is someone going to look it up if they don’t have a computer to begin with? Oh, that’s right… chances are, everyone already has a computer with Windows on it. Once again, just where would Steve Jobs’ OS be without good ol’ Bill G’s already dominating the market?

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Another paragraph from the post:

Okay, so let’s say I don’t have a computer at home, so all I have to go by are Apple’s commercials. Okay, I want to go check out a Mac. Is there an Apple store close by? Let’s have a look in the phone book to call and see. Oh, well looky there! There’s only ONE in my state and it’s 3 frickin’ hours away! That’s alright, let me see if any other retailers near by sell Macs. (Once again, back to the phone book) Okay, there are. Let’s go to the store and check them out!

Ya know, I never thought about it before, but he’s right.

via UX Evangelist: How would Apple Market their OS without Windows?.

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  1. Ouch Jim-I’m a Mac since 1998 or so. The no virus thing has been great-I do wonder how that will change as their popularity grows though. I’m in illustration/commercial art/ advertising and it has always been the preferred system in my circles and clients. I think nowadays the line between the two is not as defined anyway and that UX Evangelist poster is a bit…evangelical.
    There would be the same ranters on Mac sites opposing PCs-it’s one of those arguments that will go on forever. Never bring up politics, religion or operating systems at parties. ha! I say use what you like,man.

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