Those Eyes, That Mouth

Sure, it was the name of a Cocteau Twins song… but it could also apply to Kat Dennings:

Kat Dennings

Aside from being incredibly cute, she’s also one of the coolest actresses around (seriously: check out her blog or Twitter feed). She’s funny, kind of nerdy and doesn’t know how pretty she really is (that last part sounds like a girl I know!). As a bonus, she’s going with the pale skin, which is kind of cool in a world of “Hollywood orange”.

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  1. I agree with you…love the Cocteau Twins and think Kat Dennings is ALL that. She doesn’t follow trends, she makes them, and I think “Nick and Norah” is a comedy cult classic. I know your post is a couple of yrs old but still relevant so I had to say something! — michael fierce

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