Weird Things I’ve Seen #2

My dad was a “busy businessman”, and often when my family would go on vacations, my mother, sister and I would drive to wherever and pick Dad up at the local airport. This meant that there were only three of us in the car, so I could often stretch out in the backseat. My Mom had a ’77 Lincoln Continental, and my seven year-old self could stretch out completely in the backseat and sleep.

So one time, we were driving to Daytona Beach. My dad was busy at the office, so we were going to pick him up later that night at the Daytona Beach airport. Mom was driving, my sister was in the front passenger seat and I was in the back seat, stretched out and fully asleep.

At one point, the leather seats made me sweaty, so I woke up, then sat up in the seat. I looked out the window, still rubbing the crust outta my eyes, and saw a man in a gorilla suit on a motorcycle. He was also wearing a red necktie. He waved at me.

Not entirely sure if I was awake or sleeping, I asked mom if she saw the “gorilla on a motorcycle” too. My mom, who until this point had never “fucked with me” in my short life, decided to fuck with me.

“What are you talking about?”
“The gorilla… on a motorcycle!”
“Son, I think you’re imagining things.”

I look over, and still see the gorilla.

“But mom! I see it!”
“Son, there’s nothing there.”
“Mom, there’s a MAN dressed as a GORILLA on a MOTORCYCLE!”
“If you don’t stop telling stories, I’m gonna pull the car over and give you a spanking!”

Five minutes of silence later:
“Mom, I really saw a gorilla on a motorcycle.”
“Yeah, I know.”

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