Restore Points on Demand

I like to tinker with my computer. That doesn’t just mean installing all sorts of programs and utilities from all over the web – it also means changing registry settings, occasionally replacing system files, and other “behind the scenes” tweaks.

I’d normally like to use System Restore to create a restore point before tweaking, in case something goes horribly wrong. Unfortunately, Microsoft made it so that doing so requires drilling through several menus. Sometimes I don’t feel like clicking 19 things to create a restore point for something I might not even need, and one day that’s going to bite me in the ass. I found several Visual Basic scripts on the ‘Net that claimed to offer such “on demand” functionality, but every single one of them generated some arcane scripting error that I didn’t feel like tracking down.

So imagine my joy when I found Quick Restore Maker. It’s a tiny executable that generates a restore point with a single click! So you can keep a shortcut to it on your desktop and easily generate a restore point before tweaking away:


Quick Restore Maker is for Windows Vista and Windows 7 and is free.

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