FRIDAY FUN: Jenny Wade

Wikipedia sez:

Jennifer “Jenny” Wade (born October 6, 1980) is an American actress is best known for playing “Nina” in TV series Reaper and “Honey Pie”, recurring character from Feast trilogy.

She is currently appearing on the Fox show The Good Guys, which is actually pretty funny and worth checking out. But check her out:

Jenny Wade
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4 Replies to “FRIDAY FUN: Jenny Wade”

  1. Hello everyone!
    I ask you, send an availability, on which I can communicate, Jenny Wade-away, who Reaper is title Nina was in a film!
    I love it and I would like to establish the contact with him!
    I from Hungary there are ointments and all of my efforts on it in order for him to know that I exist and i like it! I am Jocy, 32 year kids and i think I like it!:)
    Ahead thanks!

  2. Hello
    i dont know if Jenny gets this message, but i will just let her know that i saw her in reaper and though that she is cute and like/love the way she talks !

    this is my first time i ever have wrote a fan letter.
    how rude i have introduce my self, my name is Reggie from Denmark I´m 19 years old, do Soccer and Parkour in My spare time.

    is there any chance for write a real E-mail to Jenny Wade?
    Any ways I hope you have the chance to read this.
    thank you

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