Best Radio Station EVER! might have the cheesiest name ever, and it might be owned by Clear Channel… but it’s one of the coolest radio stations ever!

I’ve been listening for a week and have been gobsmacked to hear songs by bands I already like but almost never hear on local radio such as Au Revoir Simone, MGMT, Husker Du, Massive Attack, Beach House, Vampire Weekend, Brian Eno, Sleigh Bells, La Roux, Asobi Seksu, Bat for Lashes, R.E.M., Hot Chip, Spoon, Lykke Li, The Clash, Radiohead, Best Coast, Metric, LCD Soundsystem, Golden Filter, Cocteau Twins, New Order and more.

But the truest test for a radio station is how many new acts I find on it. In just a week, I’ve discovered several awesome new bands (Polly Scattergood, Kisses, Yeasayer, Blonde Readhead, Stars, The National, and Washed Out) as well as a few bands I’d already heard of, but had overlooked (The Apples in Stereo, XX, Florence and the Machine).

You can listen to erockster here, but what’s even better is that Clear Channel runs the station as a subchannel in most large markets. So if you have an HD radio, you can tune in to erockster almost anywhere!

It’s a really great station, and I’d advise you to check it out soon!

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