Thursday’s Roundup

– Check it out: a picture I took was used in this post at The Consumerist! Basically, The Consumerist has become famous for exposing the “Grocery Shrink Ray”, where food producers shrink the sizes of their products but charge the same for it. I discovered a rare instance of the “Same Size Shrink Ray” at my local Dollar Tree. Click the link to check it out!

– Congrats to Flip Burger Boutique for earning a spot on Bon Appetit magazine’s “10 Best New Burger Spots” list! Considering that they share space on the list with NYC’s Minetta Tavern and LA’s Umami Burger, that’s quite an honor!

– Here’s a story for Lisa: a British driver ran over a bicyclist, killing him, and seriously injuring another. Why? Because she was distracted by a spider in her car!

– Britain’s march towards INGSOC continues: it’s been proposed that possibly pregnant women be given breath tests to see if they are smokers. Strangely, the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence doesn’t propose any penalties for women who “fail” the test (for now, anyway)… other than nagging and shame.

– Then again, maybe Britain’s NHS needs the help: a recent survey suggests that a third of Britain’s overweight women would rather pack on the pounds on purpose to get free gastric bypass surgery than, ya know, diet and exercise. Additionally, 28% of respondents said that they would feint depression if they could get a free nose job, and 43% said that that they would take their children to have cosmetic surgery they were being bullied for having large ears.

– Lastly, a picture from the London Underground:

Tube stairs

Gee, would you rather die in a fire, or die from a heart attack from walking down 193 steps?

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