Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-27

  • "Then we'll be dead, yet still alive… like Leonard Cohen!" #
  • "Beep beep beep… oh no heavy, the coins keep coming out. Beep beep beep… even the telephone hates me. Beep beep beep… I wish there wer #
  • "This calls for a very special blend of psychology and extreme violence…" #
  • "That's a really negative way to kill yourself you know. Like, I've tried that hundreds of times… there's no way you can hammer in
    the las #
  • "There will be no chaise lounge where you're going, my friend!" #
  • "Voice of youth?! They're still wearing flared trousers!" #
  • Free La Roux download! Use code F21LAROUX4 when prompted. No sign-up required! #
  • I am the only person who is SICK AND TIRED of that STUPID African chant in the WC coverage? #
  • Congrats to UGA grad John Isner for winning the longest match in Grand Slam history. Your university still sucks, though. #
  • Yaaaa! My new passport's here! I can flee the country now! #
  • Dear #ups delivering a much-needed computer part at 18:38 isn't really an option. Thanks! #
  • "This World Cup is like World War II. The French surrender early, the Italians are useless, the Americans arrive late and the English are le #
  • I love Outlook 2010 so much I wanna take it behind the middle school and get it pregnant! #
  • And now back your your regular sports… #
  • Finally saw "Avatar". It's a beautiful movie, but so childish and simplistic that I actually ended up pulling for the humans. #
  • IRONY ALERT: Tony Blair's smoking ban kills pub where Tony Blair's political career started: #

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