One last (?) Ashes post

It seems odd to be adding new items for a show that’s been over for several months now, but I know that people still stop by the site for Ashes to Ashes recaps, and I thought you folks might be interested in this.

Matthew Graham and Ashley Pharoah, the minds behind Mars, Ashes, and several other shows, have created a new website for their production company, Monastic Productions.

You can click here to go to their “Scripts” page, where you can find downloadable PDF versions of several Ashes and Mars drafts, outlines and scripts, as well as scripts from Bonekickers (blech!) and a few of their less popular productions.

I’ve read a good chunk of the draft of the Ashes pilot, and it’s pretty interesting to see how things changed between that and the finished script. One little teaser: in the draft, Alex doesn’t get shot by Layton; instead she and Molly are taken hostage, and Alex falls through a hole in the floor of the decaying warehouse where they’re being held.

Check it out!

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