Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-29

  • People still use #
  • TODAY ONLY: Free upgrade to Zappos VIP account, includes FREE overnight shipping for life! #
  • "The Java Update Installer needs to close the following programs to continue: javaw.exe". Normally only Apple installers fail as badly. #
  • [obscure 80s music reference] "Billy… Billy… we just had a baby!" [/obscure 80s music reference] #
  • "In December drinking horchata, I'd look psychotic in a balaclava…" #
  • I *finally* ditched Photoshop for Paint.NET yesterday! I feel great, and my hard drive feels 956MB lighter! #
  • @1outside Thanks for your kind words about my "Mad Men" recaps! I hope you enjoy them! 🙂 #
  • Off to Jax! #
  • Odd that there's no Jakey D to make fun of Panthers fans with any more… how many "mistakes by the lake" will he throw in CLE this year? #
  • Off to Los Archos! #

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