Random Browsing Tips

Just a few random web browsing tips for this Veteran’s Day:

– With most web browsers, you can simply drag and drop images to your desktop (or any other folder). So instead of right-clicking on an image and using the “Save As…” dialog, just click a picture and drag it to your desktop!

– With most browsers, you can quickly go to the end of a long web page by pressing the END key on your keyboard. Conversely, if you’re at the end of a long web page and want to go back to the top, press the HOME key.

– With most web browsers, pressing the F6 key will highlight the text in the address bar, so instead of grabbing the mouse, highlighting the address, and typing a new one, just press F6 and type in the address.

– In Firefox, pressing CTRL+K will move the cursor to the search box, and pressing CTRL + DOWN ARROW will cycle through the available search engines.

Urbanspoon and Other Stuff

Hi folks! A couple of quick website updates:

– I created an account at restaurant review site Urbanspoon.com a few days ago, and have cranked out 65 quick reviews of eateries in Charlotte, Atlanta, Charleston, Myrtle Beach and London. If you have time, check out my profile!

– I’ve added new icons to the sidebar. In addition to the existing RSS icon, you’ll now find ones for my Facebook, Twitter and Urbanspoon pages.

– I have also added a link to my Urbanspoon profile to the “Links” section at the bottom of the page. I also removed the link to my old Rotten Tomatoes page, since I haven’t written a movie review there in a few years.

– Obviously, the AllConsuming widgets are working now.


By now you’ve probably seen the commercials: Pizza Hut is now offering any large, three-topping pizza for only $10, with their famous “specialty pizzas” costing “just $2 more”.

But here’s the thing: many of their specialty pizzas only have three toppings. So instead of ordering the “Hawaiian pizza” for $12, you can order a large pizza with ham, bacon and pineapple for $10. Instead of paying $12 for a large “Pepperoni Lovers”, order a large with double pepperoni and extra cheese for $10. Instead of paying $12 for a large “Triple Meat Italiano”, get a large with pepperoni, Italian sausage and ham for $10.

I realize this isn’t going to save folks a lot of money, but I figure it might help folks with kids who might order pizza once a week or so.

Monday’s News Roundup

From the international news desk at jimcofer.com… which is also occupied by a spoiled cat… let’s do the news!

– Even though the Dodgers moved from Brooklyn to Los Angeles over fifty years ago, Major League Baseball’s lawyers have filed suit against a Brooklyn restaurant that’s using “Brooklyn” in the Dodgers’ font in their logo. I get that you have to actively defend your trademarks, which is why local TV and radio personalities sometimes get letters from companies reminding them that “Xerox” and “Kleenex” are trademarks. But this is ridiculous. Brooklyn Burger isn’t using the “Dodgers” name in any way… just the name of the city they left a half century ago!

– Quick: what has more cholesterol: one egg yolk, or a Hardee’s Monster Thickburger… which is has 10 ounces of beef, four strips of bacon and three slices of cheese? If you guessed the egg, you’re right!

– Halloween is becoming more and more popular in the UK, but it has been overshadowed by Bonfire Night for centuries. Held on November 5th to commemorate the failed attempt to blow up Parliament, the night features drinking, fireworks and bonfires, where effigies of plotter Guy Fawkes go up in flames. But this year someone else got burned. Footballer Wayne Rooney, the Manchester United star who makes $322,840 a week and was roundly criticized for his tepid play at the World Cup (and for the poorly-handled renegotiation of his Man U contract) was burned in effigy. You should check out the pics – they’re priceless!

– It seems like every week we hear of some new way crooks are cleverly using technology to scam people. Whether it’s ATM skimmers with mobile broadband connections, or tiny hi-def cameras recording PINs, it just seems like technology is moving faster than police can keep up with it. But let’s not lose sight of the low-tech scammers, too. A man in San Francisco was arrested for jamming paper napkins into the cash slots of ATM machines. People would use the ATM and simply assume that the machine was broken; the man would would come along a few minutes later, remove the napkins and the money, then replace the napkins and wait for the next victim to come along.

– A 10 year-old British girl has become one of the youngest “women” to successfully give birth… after she was impregnated by her 13 year-old cousin.

– You know Wendy… the smiling, red-headed mascot for the Wendy’s hamburger chain? Not only is Wendy Thomas, daughter of the chain’s founder Dave Thomas, alive and well, she’s about to appear in a series of commercials for the restaurant.

– And lastly, a partial victory for Dutch smokers: last week the government of the Netherlands announced that an exception to the county’s smoking ban would be allowed for small bars of 743.5 sq ft or less who have no employees other than the bar’s owner. Such bars are actually fairly common in the Netherlands (there are over 2,000 of them) and many of the owners of such bars had allowed smoking anyway, as the money they made off smokers more than offset the occasional fine. In fact, according to a friend of mine who lives there, it wasn’t uncommon for a health inspector to stop at a bar and fine the owner $250, and patrons would immediately chip in to a “fine fund” and keep on smoking.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-11-07

  • How can you tell if Lady Gaga is dressing up for Halloween? Seriously, I'm really asking. #
  • Have a respectful All Souls' Day everyone! #
  • And, once again, the Steelers are defeated by… Bruce Arians! #
  • It doesn't seem right that Election Day and All Soul's Day fall on the same day this year… #
  • I know it's early still, but Wolf Blitzer looks like he's gonna cry already… #
  • Holy Crap! @WagnerOfficial was on the Adam Carolla podcast! Check it out! #
  • is glad we will never hear the words "Speaker Pelosi" again. #
  • GA GOP chair Sue Everhart: “This is not an election. This is a restraining order against Barack Obama.” #
  • Happy birthday LaMarr Woodley! Keep being a BEAST out there, OK? 🙂 #
  • OMG! I just realized that the actress who plays Anna Draper on "Mad Men" is the same woman from "Sleeping Dogs Lie"! Ewwwwwww! #
  • Does anyone really care what @DrPizza thinks about politics? #
  • If this GT-VT game were a movie, it'd be called "The Teams That Couldn't Play Defense"! #
  • "Never do anything you wouldn't want to explain to a paramedic!" #
  • So @MorrisJenkins is following me? Why couldn't they call me back a few years ago when I wanted a quote? Guess they didn't need our $5000! #
  • Ha-Ha!Keith Olbermann suspended from MSNBC "indefinitely without pay"! http://tinyurl.com/38nxfgk #
  • Anyone who votes Labour is an idiot! #
  • @jenny_wade And Charlotte thinks YOU look pretty today… 'though you always do!) #
  • Oh my gosh… SO MANY baked goods! #

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Mozy Fail

I have a client who uses a server-based POS application. They also have a remote office, where the “server” is actually a standard Windows XP desktop computer… that an employee actually uses every day as her “work computer”.

So anyway, she apparently got a virus on that computer yesterday, and as a precaution I logged on to Mozy to download the two previous day’s backups. After requesting the restore, I couldn’t help but giggle when I saw this:

Mozy Fail


For the record, the remote office is three hours away, and I don’t really admin anything there or have a say in how things work at that office.

Website News

Hi folks! Just a quick couple of updates today:

You might have noticed that the AllConsuming widgets (the “What I’m Reading” and “What I’m Listening To” boxes in the sidebar) have stopped working. This is apparently a problem on AllConsuming’s end. I don’t know how long this will take to fix, and in fact I can’t find any kind of information about it. I just wanted to let you folks know so you don’t think there’s anything wrong with your browser.

Also, I’d just like to remind RSS fans that this site also has a FeedBurner address. If you’d prefer using FeedBurner over the native WordPress feed, you can find it at:


Quote of the Day

“The President, both as Commander-in-Chief and as the Nation’s organ for foreign affairs, has available intelligence services whose reports are not and ought not to be published to the world. It would be intolerable that courts, without the relevant information, should review and perhaps nullify actions of the Executive taken on information properly held secret. Nor can courts sit in camera in order to be taken into executive confidences. But even if courts could require full disclosure, the very nature of executive decisions as to foreign policy is political, not judicial. Such decisions are wholly confided by our Constitution to the political departments of the government, Executive and Legislative. They are delicate, complex, and involve large elements of prophecy. They are and should be undertaken only by those directly responsible to the people whose welfare they advance or imperil. They are decisions of a kind for which the Judiciary has neither aptitude, facilities nor responsibility and which has long been held to belong in the domain of political power not subject to judicial intrusion or inquiry.”

– Supreme Court Justice Robert H. Jackson
Chicago & Southern Air Lines, Inc. v. Waterman S.S. Corp (1948)