Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-01-02

  • Testing – sorry! #
  • I *will* finish this Clancy book tonight! #
  • After playing with my new Droid phone for a few days, I can only conclude that it's made out of MAGIC! #
  • If I hear the music from the iPad commercial one more time… #
  • Sad news: Kodachrome is dead #
  • R.I.P. Brenda Starr #
  • It's official: John Fox is gone. #
  • @1outside Why, John Simm, of course! #
  • COME ON, UCF! #
  • UCF! UCF! UCF! UCF! UCF! #
  • As a reminder, since 2008 GT is 26-14 and UGA is 24-15. Plus GT has a conference championship and a BCS bowl bid. #
  • Happy New Year, everybody! #
  • So… they can play hockey in the snow, but not the rain? #
  • Anyone know where to get help with Skype + Droid? #

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