2011’s first News Dump

– Veteran character actor Pete Postlethwaite has died. It seems like Postlethwaite was in a million films, but he’ll be most remembered for his roles as Mr. Kobayashi in The Usual Suspects and an Oscar-worthy role as Danny in Brassed Off. History nerds will also remember him as Sargent Hakeswill in the BBC’s Richard Sharpe films. Postlethwaite was only 64.

– In happier news, Mila Kunis is single. The actress, known both for her role in That 70s Show and her love of videogames, had dated fellow actor Macaulay Culkin for years. With Scarlett Johansson and Kunis single, losers everywhere are getting their expectations up!

– Ever wonder why new prescription drug names seem to be overloaded with Xs and Zz? Hit up the Freakonomics Blog to find out.

– Someone wants to sell a disused public toilet for £100,000 in the UK. It’s in Sheringham, on the Norfolk coast, and has a hell of a view. It’s estimated that a buyer would also have to pay £50,000 to convert it into a house, on top of any redecorating costs.

– Criterion is a company which lovingly restores older, artistically-relevant films to the latest format… initially laserdisc, then DVD, and now Blu-Ray.  To collectors, the “Criterion Collection” is the gold standard of home video. But what if Criterion lowered their standards? What would their packages look like if they restored crappy films like Driven and Mrs Doubtfire? Check out this site for some funny!

– Lastly, “Easter Eggs” are fun little things hidden in software, DVDs and other types of media. One usually “unlocks” them by pressing keys in a certain combination, either on a keyboard or DVD remote. But the folks over at Cracked.com have found ten really good Easter Eggs hidden in famous albums. From aliens conversations embedded in Jimi Hendrix songs, to spectrographs hidden in Apex Twin songs, to Tool’s “do-it-yourself” song, to Monty Python’s double-grooved record, to Led Zepplin’s changing artwork to Information Society embedding a text file on an album, this list has something for everybody!

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