The Presiding Bishop is an AWFUL Human Being

If you haven’t been keeping up with international Anglican news lately, faithful Anglicans in Zimbabwe are having a pretty rough time of it. Since Anglicans are one of the few groups unafraid to call out Robert Mugabe on his long reign of violence and corruption, Mugabe has seen fit to turn his wrath on them. Zimbabwe’s Anglicans have been arrested, parishes have had their property seized, and priests unwilling to go along with the “new regime” have had their homes taken. Those who defy Mugabe lackey Nolbert Kunonga (and, by extension, Mugabe himself) face a world of hurt. At that last link, you can read a quote from a local bishop who says that:

Intimidation has become physical violence. Threats have turned into beatings, rape and murder. The people’s trust in the forces of law and order has been blatantly abused by repeated acts of injustice, and as the Bishop of Harare has said recently, ‘When the justice system and the police are themselves corrupt, who can we turn to for justice?’

Anglican Church leaders continue to receive death threats, and believers are subject to violent harassment when they attempt to meet for worship. Churches, schools and mission hospitals are invaded and appropriated for the greater glory of Mugabe.

So… what does Katharine Jefferts Schori think of all this?

“They have experienced the same kind of thing as congregations in Fort Worth and San Joaquin,” she noted, referring to attempts by former leaders in those places to take ownership of diocesan property and leave loyal Episcopalians without a spiritual home.”

Yes, Katharine, because two American dioceses wanting to break away from The Episcopal Church and going to court over it (which was all your doing, by the way), is exactly the fucking same as living under Robert Mugabe.

When I was a teenager, I’d often say “I hate [some jock who hassled me]”. But I didn’t really mean it, of course. But as I get older, I’m starting to understand where hate comes from. I literally shook with rage when I read that KJS quote. There really are terrible people in this world, and KJS must surely be counted among them.

I mean, first of all, she has to find a way to inject her agenda into a continuing tragedy. As much as my dislike of Barack Obama grows, I’m sure the man isn’t stupid or vain enough to go on TV in the wake of a tragedy and say “Well, 30 Americans died in that helicopter crash in Afghanistan… just like 30 children will die if you don’t work with me to support [some stupid federal program that will accomplish nothing other than waste huge amounts of money]”. But to actually compare Fort Worth and San Joaquin to what’s going on in Zimbabwe? That’s beyond the pale, even for KJS.

You should be ashamed, Mrs. Schori. But, given your past record, I think we all can safely assume that shame and humility are two traits you lack wholesale.

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