Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-08-07

  • Oh man! @TheRailwayArms just tweeted that #Sherlock won't return until May 2013! What the hell? #
  • @TheRailwayArms Wait : Season 2 of Sherlock is airing her next year? When is it airing in the UK? #
  • @TheRailwayArms Oh cool! Thanks! #
  • Never mind, folks: S2 of Sherlock is probably airing later this year (in the UK). "Upstairs Downstairs" is 2013. #
  • I have just created a new list titled 'Politics' using TweetDeck, follow it here: @jimcofer/politics #
  • "You know I've got my walls… but Sally calls 'em prison cells…" #
  • I'm getting really tired of Doug and his mesothelioma. #
  • Cocoa Pebbles with Irish Cream: the Breakfast of Champions! :p #
  • Lady GaGa: ‘The World Killed Amy Winehouse’ :rolleyes: #
  • Ticketmaster Makes Deal With Walmart, Devil Confused As To Whose Soul To Collect First – The Consumerist #
  • Deal Dell: Please die in a fire. There's no reason swapping out a power supply should take 30 minutes! #
  • BBC News – Internet Explorer story was bogus #
  • R.I.P. Bubba Smith #
  • Woo-hoo! I won $20 in credit at Sir Ed's thanks to their weekly trivia question! (and Lisa for reminding me about it) Who wants Guinness? #
  • In his case, it will! RT @DrPizza: Looking for my migraine drugs. All I can find is Imodium. Don't think that's gonna help. #
  • @rlaw1971 Be sure to throw some on the ground for the Fairy! #
  • YES! One of my fav Steelers re-signs! "Steelers sign Woodley to six-year deal" – #
  • I guess the rent REALLY IS too damn high! – "Rent is Too Damn High" founder facing eviction from his apartment #
  • Even Warren G, Harding, Herbert Hoover and Jimmy Carter were able to keep the AAA rating. Then… 3 years of Obamanomics! #
  • OK, so I'm on Google+ now. Meh: 9 G+ friends vs. 317 on FB. If anyone else is on G+, lemme know. #
  • Has anyone been to the new Big Ben Pub on South? If so, how was it? #
  • Thank to Microsoft seminars and product launches, I haven't had to buy a pen since 1998! #
  • Check out my music taste on @lastfm #
  • @markmaser Thanks – Tried it and didn't like it (except for the mobile app, which copies music via Wi-Fi, which is neat). #
  • @markmaser I tried #spotify then tried @pandora again (pandora thinks I'm a 19 year-old gay man for some reason). #
  • @markmaser #lastfm has all these nifty charts and graphs and stuff that appeal to my stats nerd self! 🙂 #

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