Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-08-21

  • It's Bo time! #
  • YES! TLC Cancels 'Kate Plus 8'!!! #
  • @wagnerofficial Wow: Thanks for spoiling it for those of us who are still a few episodes back! :p #
  • @wagnerofficial STOP IT WITH THE SPOILERS! #
  • My battery life multiplier: x1.80 with JuiceDefender #Android #
  • 'You Lie' Rep. was right: #
  • Christie to run in 2012? AWESOME! #
  • Ouch! Majority of Android OEMs lose Linux distribution rights – #
  • Biggest threat to the 3DS and PlayStation Vita? Your smartphone #
  • "Seriously, when the going gets tough, you don't want a criminal lawyer. You want a CRIMINAL lawyer. You know what I'm saying?" #
  • It's official – he's a bust! Steelers waive wide receiver Limas Sweed: #
  • Gerard Depardieu urinates in plane cabin after he's refused permission to go to toilet | Mail Online #
  • @1outside What's that food pic of? #
  • @1outside Well that just looks damn delcicous! #
  • Freakonomics » Reason No. 1,382,992 to Hate Politics #
  • @KymArmstrong What up, guuurrrrlll! 🙂 I didn't know you were on the Tweeter! #
  • Oh my! #
  • I'm Tweetdeck's bitch… #
  • OMG – he's dating a 22 year-old with a perfect rack? Yes, that's TERRIBLE honey. #
  • There's no other way to say it: Firefox for Android sucks. Badly. #
  • @BretEastonEllis How about BOTH of those songs suck? #electropop forever! #

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