More fun with Bawlmer

Saw this on a the Bawlmer Sun’s “Ravens Insider” page via Twitter:

Early in training camp, three-time Pro Bowl linebacker/defensive end Terrell Suggs goaded the reigning champion Pittsburgh Steelers by wearing a black t-shirt that read, “You Bet Your Sweet Ass I Hate the Steelers” on the back.

Well, cornerback Frank Walker showed off his own Steelers-themed apparel this morning and the sentiment was similar in tone.

Walker wore a black t-shirt that had “Hey Pittsburgh” in big yellow letters and a Raven extending a purple middle finger.

What’s funny about it are the comments from Ravens fans:

– “Hey Frank, don’t worry about the Steelers until you stop getting burned off the line. You suck.”

– “hopefully frank walker will be wearing his t shirt and watching from home in November, rather than being on the field making ben rothelsburger look good.”

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The freak show that shamed Britain

Big Brother, one of Britian’s most popular TV shows in the recent past, has been canceled due to plummeting ratings. Daily Mail commentator Richard Littlejohn compares the death of the show with the death of New Labour in an amusing post:

For most of the show’s 12-year run, Gordon was biting his nails and banging his head against the wall. Whenever there was a scandal in the New Labour house, he hid behind the sofa, away from the cameras.

After Blair was evicted in 2007 and went on to become a global star, earning millions of pounds a year, Gordon attempted to become the main character, but ratings continued to slump and he soon realised there was nowhere to hide.

He resorted to a bizarre act of self-abuse on YouTube, in the belief that the audience had migrated to the internet, but it was too late.

Although I got a good laugh out of the piece, it was sad and unnerving to read all the nasty bits about New Labour. I suppose that any government in power for 12 years will have some scandals, but jeez – these people are just… something!

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Ritter Sport is a 100g (3.5oz.) square chocolate bar from Germany. Although frequently sold in gourmet and specialty shops here in the US, in its German homeland the Ritter Sport is roughly equivalent to a Hershey bar – the one chocolate bar you can buy at almost any news stand, gift shop or gas station.

I’ve loved them for years, especially the Voll-Nuss (hazelnut) and Alpenmilch (extra milk) versions. But when my local Walmart started carrying them, I was intrigued by one type I’d never seen before:

Ritter cornflakes

Yes, it’s a chocolate candy bar… with cornflakes! I had seen them on several trips to the store, but this week temptation got the better of me and I finally bought one… and they’re indescribably delicious!

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FRIDAY FUN: Simpsons go African!

The Simpsons might be celebrating their 20th year on the air here in the US this December, but the show has never been aired before in Africa… but not for long. Digital provider DStv will begin airing the show next month in Angola and, to celebrate, the network has “Africanized” the family in all its advertising:

Angola Simpsons

Notice that Snowball the cat is missing entirely, the end tables have been replaced with giant, 70s-style speakers, and the “yacht picture” behind the sofa has been replaced with one showing a Serengeti elephant scene. Marge’s hair is now jet black, Lisa is sporting braids, and Bart… well, Bart apparently has a Fresh Prince of Bel-Air-era fade. Note also that the entire family are wearing Angolan-style flip-flops.

In case you’re curious, the “Africanized” Simpsons will only appear in advertisements; they’ll still be yellow when the show actually airs in a few weeks.

Jill Wagner is insanely hot

North Carolina native Jill Wagner was born in Winston Salem on January 13, 1979 and graduated with honors from North Carolina State University in 2001. She was a regular on the MTV show Punk’d, and appeared as a regular on the short-lived Spike TV show Blade: The Series in 2006. She is now one of the commentators on the ABC hit Wipeout, but she’s still known to most as “the hot girl from the Mercury car commercials”, a role she’s had since 2005. And yes, she’s insanely hot!

These pics were taken with an iPhone camera (or something) and posted on Twitter, so the quality ain’t that great… but the subject matter sure is!

Click it, brother!
Click it, brother!

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Computer Users

I was surfing one of my favorite message boards this past Saturday when I stumbled upon a bizarre question: someone asked what font and text color other people used in their emails.

I suppose the font question isn’t all that strange, as there was some variation in the responses. But the people who replied universally used black at their font color, which seemed to surprise the OP… who uses teal text in his\her emails.

I started imagining what the “teal text” poster was like, and then expanded the thought to several other types of computer user I know:


– Is typically female.
– Has pictures of her kids, grandkids, and\or cats as desktop wallpaper (bonus points if it’s a picture of the grandkids holding the cats).
– Said wallpaper is usually stretched to fill the desktop, making the kids look like extras from Deliverance.
– Has crayon drawings by her kids\grandkids on the wall of her office or cube. These are usually signed by the artist, allowing me to surprise her by figuring out that her password is “Justin” or “Madison”.
– Has 300 icons on her desktop.
– Her browser windows look like this:

Overloaded Toolbar
– Has Weatherbug installed.
– Was probably the person who invented the saying “somebody’s got a case of the Mondays!”.
– On the plus side, one of her desk drawers is normally a candy stash.

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Mad Men: “Love Among the Ruins”

This episode begins with a clip of Ann-Margret singing “Bye Bye Birdie” from the film of the same name. The lights come up, and we’re in a conference room at Sterling Cooper. Ken says that Pepsi wants to copy this scene, frame-by-frame, for a new ad for Patio, the company’s new diet drink. Sal says that Pete must be breaking out in a sweat. Harry says that he will definitely sit in on the casting for this commercial. Peggy is taken aback, thinking that perhaps they out to rethink the campaign. After all, as Peggy rightfully states, the campaign should be aimed at the women who will buy the drink. After Ken shoots down Peggy’s arguments, she says that “clients don’t always know what’s best”.


At the Draper house, confusion reigns as Betty discovers an empty box of Melba toast in the pantry. Don tells her to eat some oatmeal, as the “baby might end up weighing a pound”. Don looks at some pictures a designer has left, then berates her for choosing too many as the pictures cost $3 each. Betty says that she can’t judge by pictures. Betty suggest that the family visit some antique stores in Tarrytown. The kids complain that the stores stink. Don tells them that they’re going, and that they’ll stare at antiques for so long that the buttons will seem interesting… but he then offers them an olive branch by way of a trip to the Carvel on the way home.

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