It’s not just me!

Apparently I’m not the only one that’s sick to freakin’ death of those Chevy commercials with John Mellencamp’s “Our Country”. As this article at notes, sports fans all across America are sick to death of the commercials, and it’s even tricked up to the columnists at ESPN and other sports sites.

Sadly, though, they aren’t going away any time soon. In fact, Chevy plans to keep running the same nine new spots throughout this NFL season. They seem to be convinced that it’s helping truck sales. John Mellencamp likes them too, as it’s given him time in the spotlight for the first time in years. In fact, the only people that seem to dislike them are us poor viewers.

Thank God for the DVR, no?

Jones Soda Gets Disgusting

From the “Better Late Than Never” Department:

Jones Soda – the Seattle-based company that offers an infamous “holiday pack” of sodas every year with flavors like “Turkey and Gravy” and “Brussels Sprouts” – entered into an agreement this year with the Seattle Seahawks to sell Jones Soda at Qwest Field. To celebrate their success, Jones is offering a “limited edition Seahawks Collector Pack” with the following five delicious flavors: “Natural Field Turf”, “Sports Cream”, “Perspiration”, “Dirt”, and “Sweet Victory”.

Most of the flavors apparently taste as vile as you would imagine, although the “Sweet Victory” flavor apparently “isn’t that bad”. If you have the stones to want to drink a Ben-Gay flavored soda, you can order the set here. If you’d just like to read more about it (to make sure that I’m not making this up), read more about it here.

A quick word…

Some of you might have noticed that there was no post about last week’s football games. Some of you might think that the omission had to do with the fact that the Steelers lost. Well, that’s simply not true. To be perfectly honest, I just haven’t watched the game yet. For some reason, it took a couple of days for the game to even show up online, then it took another day just to download it. By then I was square into the middle of the week, and with all the fall season premieres, I just haven’t had the time to watch Arizona beat up on my beloved Steelers.

So there’s no conspiracy here. I haven’t posted about it because I haven’t had time to watch it.

CBS: Cheap Bastards!

What the hell? Today’s game with the Texans against the Falcons is being broadcast in standard definition. Are you kidding me? Seriously? Standard definition? What year is this? Will the game be in color, too? Are you guys simulcasting the game on the DuMont Network?

Come on, people. If Fox, NBC, ESPN and the NFL Network can broadcast all of their games in HD, what’s your problem, CBS?

GT Falls (Again!); Steelers Beat Up 49ers

Good teams have confidence. Even if a few things don’t go their way in a game, they don’t get flustered. They shrug it off and keep on chugging. Sadly, I don’t think this year’s Georgia Tech team has that much confidence – the Yellow Jackets fell to Virginia 28-23 on Saturday. Granted, two of Virginia’s touchdowns were the direct result of Tech errors – one inexplicable interception return for a touchdown and one muffed punt reception deep in GT’s own territory. But still, you can’t win games when you give the ball up twice deep in your own territory. I watched the entire game and just felt… “meh” by GT’s performance. This is Virginia, folks. They supposed to be one notch above UNC and Duke, for God’s sake. And they put GT on the ropes. My heart skips a beat when I think of what GT’s record would have been had they played real teams. It makes me glad that Tech left the SEC so many years ago. Next week: Clemson, a team that always seems to have GT’s number. I (sadly) predict another loss.

Steelers vs. SFThe Pittsburgh Steelers, on the other hand, seemed to be firing on all cylinders. The offense is still anemic in the first quarter, but thankfully Pittsburgh’s D is good enough to not make this an issue so far. In fact, I’m really liking the Steelers’ schedule so far this year. The first four games are against weak teams, and maybe this will give Big Ben a confidence boost. He’s actually looked pretty good so far this year: while he hasn’t been the huge playmaker he was in his first two seasons, he’s also not making stupid mistakes like he did last year. Something one of the game commentators said yesterday that I hadn’t thought about: Ben admitted recently that he spent almost all of his pre-season time last year getting into shape. He had almost no classroom time before the start of last season. Physical issues aside, this explains a lot about his performance last season, and the extra hours he’s spent studying this year seem to be bearing fruit. Also, it was good to see touchdowns from all Steeler teams yesterday. The 49ers enjoyed their 3-0 lead for about 14 seconds yesterday, as former Atlanta Falcon Allen Rossum returned SF’s ensuing kickoff 90+ yards for a touchdown. And late in the game Bryant McFadden picked off a SF pass and returned it for a TD that made the score 30-9. The Steelers almost kept their opponent in the single digits for the third game in a row… except for a SF TD with 2:22 left in the game, deep into “garbage time”. All in all, a *great* performance from the Steelers; I look forward to next week’s game against Arizona and their new head coach – former Steelers OC Ken Whisenhunt.

Carolina Panthers fans got something to cheer about yesterday after dismantling the Falcons 27-20. But, to be honest, the Panthers didn’t “beat” the Falcons as much as the Falcons imploded… which is hardly surprising, given Joey Harrington’s performance. To show you how bad it was, the Panthers got their decisive touchdown on a drive where the Falcons defense was penalized 67 yards on that single drive. The Falcons are a disgrace to football, and it actually makes Carolina look bad that they didn’t beat them more decisively. But before I move on to other games… a brief question about the “I-85 Rivalry”… namely, who decided that there even was a rivalry between the Falcons and Panthers? When I was a kid, I liked the Steelers and Falcons equally. And in those days, the Falcons’ one and only rival was the New Orleans Saints. To this day, I still can’t call them anything but the “Ain’ts”. And that’s the way I likes it.

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GT Gets Spanked; Steelers Roll

Better late than never, right?

Georgia Tech was riding high after easy victories over creampuffs Notre Dame and Samford. I know it’s easy to say this now, but I was really uneasy about the game against Boston College. And it turns out that I was right: BC walloped the Jackets 24-10. Don’t let the score fool you though; the game wasn’t even as close as the score implies. Tech didn’t score until they punched in a touchdown at the start of the 4th quarter; by that time, of course, the game had long since been decided. Tech has their work cut out for them this week too: although Virginia isn’t the powerhouse it once was, you can never take an ACC opponent for granted… especially now that you’re 0-1 in conference play. Useless trivia alert: there are only five Division-1 schools that don’t have the word “university” in their official title. The service academies make up three of them, and the other two are… Georgia Tech and Boston College.

Willie Parker in Bill Game (Throwback Jersey)On a happier note, the Steelers walked all over the Bills 26-3 this past Sunday. Part of what made this post so late in coming was that I wanted to watch the game in full before reporting on it (and it was a slooooow download). And all I can say is… wow! It’s true that the Steelers didn’t put it in the endzone until the second half, kicking four field goals in the first half for a 12-0 lead – but in this case, the score doesn’t tell you how close the game wasn’t. The Steelers controlled the game in all aspects, relying on the running game to dominate time-of-possession. Although Big Ben still looks a bit rusty in the passing game, it’s good to see him not making stupid mistakes by trying to force things that aren’t there. The O-line looked really good (yaaaaa!) and the defense was brutal as usual. The Steelers outrushed the Bills 239-50 in the first half alone… and that’s as much to do with how good the Steelers looked versus how crappy Buffalo might have played. All in all, it was a great game! It’s far too early to crow about getting into the playoffs, but if the Steelers can get it together as a team in the easier first half of the schedule… other teams should look out for them in the second half! Lastly, I’m probably alone here… but I actually liked the Steelers throwback uniforms! They’re not “genuine” throwback uniforms, they’re actually a hodgepodge: jerseys based on the 1940s design, the 1962s helmets with the 1963+ stickers, etc. But since the Steelers have used their current uniforms for 40 years, it’s hard to do a true “throwback” uniform that will comply with current safety specifications.

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Steelers Stomp… And The Rest Of Week 1

Pittsburgh Vs. ClevelandWell, week 1 of the 2007/2008 NFL season is over… how about some of my “award-winning” football analysis?

The Steelers absolutely stomped all over the Browns, winning Mike Tomlin’s regular season debut 34-7. But don’t let the score fool you: the game was decided by the Browns’ colossal screw ups early in the game. For example, on Cleveland’s first 4th down, they not only muffed the punt, they were also cited for four penalties. On one play! I don’t recall ever seeing an NFL team get four penalties on a single play, except for perhaps a fight where multiple players get unsportsmanlike penalties. Many of Cleveland’s five turnovers happened early in the game, and Pittsburgh was able to take a quick 17-0 lead. So the game was essentially over by halftime. I’ve watched the first half of the game, and I can’t say that I’m too pleased with anyone’s performance so far. The Steelers wide receivers dropped too many passes, the play calling seemed “off”, the running game didn’t get it in gear until the second half when no one cared anymore, and the defense… well, let’s just say that they’d better gel a lot better before the second half of the season gets here. The Steelers’ main concern – the offensive line – actually looked pretty decent, although there’s still some work that needs to be done… Ben will simply need more protection from these guys. All in all, a good – but not great – performance. The Steelers should be able to beat up on Buffalo and will probably hold their own against San Fran and Arizona… but then the schedule gets hard.

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GT Rolls; UGA, Michigan Fall…

Georgia Tech vs. SamfordWow! What can I say about Saturday’s game between Georgia Tech and Samford? Tech was up 28-0 in the first quarter, and was up 45-0 by halftime in what would go on to be a 69-14 blowout. The Jackets had 380 rushing yards, punching the ball in for a record 9 rushing touchdowns. The game was such a blowout that running back Tashard Choice was pulled at the end of the first quarter, and GT played three quarterbacks in the first half alone – a forth, Kyle Manley, played in the 4th quarter.

The only thing that could make the win sweeter was a UGA loss… which happened! Steve Spurrier’s Gamecocks went to Athens and slapped the Bulldogs around, winning 16-12. Meanwhile, Michigan and Notre Dame also lost, making both teams 0-2 for the year. And, to the surprise of absolutely no one, Duke lost again. They’ve lost 22 straight games, with no end of the misery in sight.

Today’s The Day!!!!!

After what seems like an eternity, the NFL is bacccccccccckkkk baby! I’ve got the tequila-lime wings, chorizo and Pabst Blue Ribbon ready to go for tonight’s season opener, which pits the Colts against the Saints (or, as an occasional Atlanta fan is required to say… “the ‘Aints”). Ohhh God… Oh God… FOOTBALL I MISSED YOU SO MUCH!


In case you’re not a football historian, the picture above is of Philadelphia Eagle Chuck Bednari, after he knocked the everlovin’ crap out of New York Giants quarterback Frank Gifford (yep, Kathy Lee’s husband) in a game all the way back in 1960. That hit kept Gifford out of football for 18 months.

A Football Joke…

A Cleveland family of football supporters head out one Saturday to do their Christmas shopping. While in the sports store, the son picks up a Pittsburgh Steeler jersey and says to his older sister, “I’ve decided to become a Steeler fan and I would like this for Christmas.”

His big sister is outraged by this and promptly whacks him round the head and says, “Go talk with Mom.”

Off goes the little lad with the Pittsburgh Steeler jersey in hand and finds his mother. “Mom?”

“Yes, son?”

“I’ve decided I’m going to be a Pittsburgh Steeler fan, and I would like this jersey for Christmas.” The mother is outraged, promptly whacks him around the head and says, “Go see your father.”

Off he goes with the Pittsburgh Steeler jersey in hand and finds his father.


“Yes, son?”

“I’ve decided I’m going to be a Pittsburgh Steeler fan, and I would like this jersey for Christmas”.

The father is so outraged he, too, whacks his son around the head and says, “No son of mine is ever going to be seen in THAT!”

About half hour later they’re all back in the car heading towards home. The father turns to the son and says, “Son, I hope you’ve learned something today?”

The son says, “Yes, Dad, I have.”

“Good, son. What is it?”

The son replies, “I’ve only been a Pittsburgh Steeler fan for an hour and I already hate you Cleveland bastards.”

God, I’ve missed football!