The Police Beat

When police arrived, they saw a stopped, running car at a green light, facing eastbound on Speedway.When the officer approached the car, he saw the woman was asleep, with her dress pulled up to her stomach and her underwear pulled down to her mid-thighs.

The officer knocked on the window several times. She did not respond, so he opened the door and began to shake her arm. Upon opening the door, he saw a three-quarters-empty bottle of Sailor Jerry Navy Rum on the floorboard of the passenger side. There was a strong odor of intoxicants coming from the woman and the car.

After about two minutes of trying to wake her up, she awoke, saying, “No, Clint, not right now.”

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Montel Williams Obama coins a ripoff?

One of the most physically painful TV moments in our lifetime was having to watch poor Montel Williams sell the last remainder of his soul for worthless Barack Obama commemorative coins.

It seemed just yesterday that the talk show host with the Yul Brenner scalp was chumming it up on the daytime talk show circuit, interviewing women who love too much or husbands who love way too much with people other than their wives. It was like watching the rock-bottom moment of a man’s life in the wake of his waning glory days without it airing on VH1.

via Obama coins hawked by Montel Williams a ripoff? Well… duh! – TV Squad.

Fun Steelers facts!

As the Super Bowl nears, sports writers all across America will dig deep into the bag of statistics and trivia. Amazing facts are shoveled about everywhere, to end up on, sports blogs, newspapers, and as factoids during the game itself. I compiled a list of some amazing Steelers facts during this past Super Bowl. My edited list follows. But first… some Steeler history:

The Pittsburgh Steelers were founded as the Pittsburgh Pirates on July 8, 1933, by Art Rooney. The rights to the team cost him $2,500, which is around $40,000 in 2007 dollars.

According to football legend, Rooney purchased the team using money he had won at the Saratoga race track. What actually happened is that Rooney bought the team in 1933 using money he already had, but in 1936 he did win a longshot parlay bet at Saratoga that netted him almost $160,000 ($2,370,300 in 2007 dollars). Rooney did use most of this money to improve the team, especially by hiring coach Joe Bach. In fact, Rooney’s winnings from that day in Saratoga funded the team exclusively until 1941.

In that year, the Steelers were involved in one of the strangest ownership moves in NFL history. Rooney sold the Steelers to NYC playboy Alex Thompson. Since there was already a team in New York City, Thompson wanted to move the Steelers to Boston, the largest city close to New York without an NFL team. As the Steelers sale was being finalized, Philadelphia Eagles owner Bert Bell began having severe financial troubles. So Rooney agreed to buy 70% of the Eagles using the proceeds from the Steelers sale. Since Philadelphia is much closer to New York than Boston, when Thompson found out about the Rooney-Bell deal, he suggested that the two switch sides. So the Rooney-owned Eagles moved to Pittsburgh and the Thompson-owned Steelers moved to Philadelphia, both owners kept their original team names, and everyone was happy. Bell would later become NFL commissioner, a job that required him to divest myself from the team, so Rooney convinced Barney McGuinley, his sister’s father in law, to buy out Bell’s shares.

*     *     *

Since the 1970 AFL-NFL merger, the Steelers have posted the best record in professional football. The Steelers have won the most total games, won the most divisional titles, earned the best winning percentage (including every expansion team), earned the most All-Pro nominations, reached the playoffs 24 times, won their division 19 times, played in 14 AFC championship games, and won six of seven Super Bowls. They are also 2nd overall in playoff wins and season game wins.

In the past 10 years, the Pittsburgh Steelers are an amazing 153-1-1 when leading a game by at least 11 points.

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Wednesday News Dump

Here’s a funny story about my “birth town” of Snellville, GA (my family moved from Snellville to Duluth when I was 13; I consider Snellville to be my “birth town” and Duluth to be my “home town”, if that makes any sense). It seems that the mayor isn’t getting along with a city council member. In fact, relations between the two are so bad that Mayor Jerry Oberholtzer has been asking for police escorts… to the bathroom at City Hall! I guess Oberholtzer is afraid of getting peed on or beaten up… or something.

– If you want news about the Carolina Panthers football team, the last place you want to go is their website. While other teams have sites where mild dissent is welcomed in blogs or opinion pieces, the Carolina Panthers’ site is all about toeing the company line. That’s why the QC Sports Blog advises you to look at the Panthers’ online store – where Julius Peppers and Ken Lucas jerseys are on sale. Is this their subtle way of saying that Peppers and Lucas won’t be back?

– As you probably know, many of England’s cities date back thousands of years. In fact, some of the neighborhoods and streets in Britain are so old that people have forgotten how an area got its name in the first place. This has led to endless arguments over the use of grammar on street signs. For example, one London neighborhood is known as “Earls Court” to the post office and local council, but “Earl’s Court” to the London Underground. The city of Birmingham is so sick of hearing complaints that “St. Paul’s Square” should be “St. Pauls Square” or “Kings Norton” should be “King’s Norton” (or even “Kings’ Norton”) that it has abolished apostrophes on all street signs.

In Defense of the Pro Bowl

The NFL’s Pro Bowl has always gotten short shrift in the American sports world. Part of it has to do with the timing of the game: coming a week after the Super Bowl, the Pro Bowl usually is a pretty anticlimactic end to the season. Another part of it has to do with the nature of the game itself: unlike baseball, where winning the All Star game actually means something (the winner gets home field for the World Series), in football the Pro Bowl is meaningless. And lastly, you have the players themselves: many all-stars refuse to come, and those that do never seem to play all that hard because no one wants to get injured in a meaningless game.

But I’m here to defend the Pro Bowl. Sure, I don’t care about it much, either. But it’s here, and there are a few good reasons to watch it:

1) It has good rules. In the Pro Bowl, receivers cannot go into motion, you cannot have more than two wide receivers, defenses cannot blitz, pressing or bumping is not allowed, you cannot use a 5-6 cornerback set, and you must be in a 4-3 defense. In spite of all that (or, more likely, because of it), the Pro Bowl is usually lightning fast and offense oriented. And the lack of intentional grounding rule, coaches challenges and booth reviews make it actually fun to watch.

2) It’s kitschy! For the past 30 years, the Pro Bowl has taken place in Hawai’i, so there’s plenty of gorgeous HD shots of the islands, along with music straight from a 1970s playlist: Blondie’s “The Tide Is High”, The Safari’s “Wipe Out”, and the theme to Hawaii 5-0…  and the whole thing is sponsored by State Farm! See, it’s like that Brady Bunch special already! And everyone’s in tacky Hawai’ian shirts, too! How awesome! If only they showed Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth with mai tais in their hands!

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Burress has a BAD history…

Ever wonder why the Pittsburgh Steelers let all-star wide receiver Plaxico Burress go back in 2004?

Well, wonder no longer. Plaxico Burress is trouble. Everyone knows that. But the sheer extent of his troublemaking is appalling. Check it out:

The Associated Press found that, since Burress joined the NFL in 2000, he has been sued at least nine times by people who said he failed to pay a debt, damaged their car or didn’t pay his taxes.

The people seeking payment from the football star run the gamut, from a Pennsylvania homeowners association trying to collect delinquent dues to a Florida woman whose car Burress rear-ended while driving without insurance. Why? He hadn’t paid the premium.

The pattern of irresponsible behavior extends beyond unpaid debts, records show.

In his hometown of Virginia Beach, Va., Burress has been fined for reckless driving, noise and public intoxication, and threatened with arrest after he didn’t show up in court. Last year in Florida, where he has a home, police twice cited Burress for speeding in the weeks before the car crash, which also earned him a ticket for careless driving.

via New York Giants’ Plaxico Burress has history of lawsuits over debts – ESPN.

Pittsburgh may name street for Noll

Planners may name a street to be built near the Pittsburgh Steelers’ stadium after Chuck Noll, the coach who led the team to its first four Super Bowl wins.

Plans for an amphitheater near Heinz Field that were approved by the Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission include a one-block street named Chuck Noll Way.

via Pittsburgh planners may name street for Chuck Noll – NFL – Yahoo! Sports.

REVIEW: LG 600g Mobile Phone

Tracfone is, as I always say in these posts, “America’s largest prepaid only mobile provider”. They offer pretty good deals on prepaid wireless with some of the best terms in the industry. If there’s a problem with Tracfone, it’s the phones themselves. Tracfone’s hardware is years behind the times. This is most likely because the company wants to get the best possible prices on older, popular and proven designs, although Tracfone’s customer base isn’t exactly cutting-edge, either. Tracfone’s cheapest handset – the Motorola c139 – looks like something from 1999, save for the low-res color screen. Their second tier phone – the Motorola w370 – is a slightly thicker version of Moto’s RAZR, the hottest phone of 2004.

Recently, however, Tracfone has offered two new phones with some groovy new features: the Motorola w376g and the LG 600g. Both phones offer Bluetooth and VGA cameras, a first for Tracfone. A bit of a warning: Bluetooth on the Moto phone is crippled, in that it can only connect to Bluetooth headsets. The LG, on the other hand, can connect to most any other Bluetooth device, including desktop PCs, so you can use your computer to shuffle pics and ringtones back and forth instead of SMSing them to yourself. For this reason, and for the external screen (another rare feature on Tracfones), I decided to ask for the LG for Christmas. For what it’s worth, the Moto phone also comes with a built-in FM radio (a feature you think you’d like, but end up never actually using).

So… Santa was good to me, and I got the LG! I transferred my airtime to the new phone quickly and easily (but more on that later). I also ordered a few accessories, such as this Bluetooth USB adapter ($5.94 shipped) and this Bluetooth earpiece (around $25). Now that those accessories have arrived… I can do the review!

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Monday News Dump

– The UK spent $6.6 billion on a new identification card system. The new ID card has biometric technology built into it… but guess how many card readers the UK government bought? That’s right: none. Not a one. Not a single police station, customs house, passport control line or court house has a reader in the entire United Kingdom. So all that biometric data – the stuff that’s supposed to differentiate the almost $7 billion system from the basic laminated ID cards that have been around for ages – is useless. Read more here.

– Around 92% of all Windows bugs could be “fixed” if people would run without admin rights. Unfortunately, Microsoft historically didn’t take much action in this regard (it wasn’t until Vista that they came up with UAC), and because of this, many lazy software vendors wrote code that would only run under an administrator account. So now people feel like they have to run as an Administrator. I wish someone would fix this situation. Read more about it here.

– The economic downturn is really hurting the “entertainment” industry. Specifically, it’s really hurting events you have to buy a ticket for, like sporting events, concerts, circuses, etc. (which is why I put “entertainment” in quotes). Many sports teams are trying to ease the hurt by offering “package deals”. For example, you might be able to get 4 $100 tickets, parking, 2 game programs, 4 hot dogs and 4 drinks for $80. But this promotion is the lamest ever: buy $48 worth of tickets to see Sesame Street Live’s “Elmo Makes Music” event at the Sovereign Bank Arena in Trenton, New Jersey… and get four free tacos from Taco Bell! Jeez – why even bother?