SI ranks the Rooneys

Sports Illustrated recently ranked the best and worst team owners in sports. Although it was amusing to read about the worst owners in the NBA or NHL, I am first and foremost and NFL fan… and it tickled me to no end to see which NFL owner SI ranked as #1: the Rooney family:

The NFL’s most decorated franchise has been under one family’s control since its inception in 1933. Since Art Rooney’s death in 1988, the Steelers have been run by Art’s son Dan and, in recent years by Art Jr., the patriarch’s son and the third generation of Rooney. Through the years, one thing has remained consistent: the class with which the organization is run. The Rooney family’s influence over the NFL has also resulted in breakthroughs in diversity — hence the “Rooney Rule.” But at the end of the day, the Rooneys have won a record six Super Bowl trophies and have given Pittsburgh, an industrial town that always seems to be hit hardest in tough economic times, its biggest source of civic pride.

Although I hate the Baltimore fucking Ravens with every once of my soul, it also kind of made me proud to see Steve Bisciotti on the list. Out of 32 total NFL owners, it’s pretty cool to see two of the four AFC North teams make the Top 5. However, it should probably come as no surprise that Mike Brown of the Cincinnati Bungles came in at #4 on the “Worst Owners” list.

Also, it’s pretty amazing to see that Art Rooney’s $2500 investment is now worth over a billion dollars. Even accounting for inflation, Art’s initial investment is still only around $40,000 in today’s dollars!

Read the full list here.

Ashes to Ashes: Season 2 Episode 4

Wow! Wow! Just… wow! After last week’s snoozer, Ashes to Ashes came roaring back with one of the best episodes ever! Let’s stop playing around and get right to it!

The episode begins at Liugi’s, where Gene has told the gang about his pending transfer to Plymouth. Everyone’s heartbroken, and it’s made worse by a much larger table full of guys from “Division A” who are taunting Gene and the gang by singing “Combine Harvester” with exaggerated West Country accents. Ray, defending the group’s honor, tosses a roll at the next table. Chris joins in. An all-out food fight starts, which quickly escalates into a real brawl, despite Luigi’s pleas to take it outside.

Before the fight breaks out, Alex excuses herself and leaves, and just as the fight starts, the gang turns around and finds that Gene has disappeared… leading the others to wonder what, exactly, the two are up to. Is it an affair?

Actually, no: Alex and Gene are busy planting a bug in Supermac’s office. As Gene stands on Mac’s desk to plant the bug, Alex wonders aloud where all of Mac’s purloined money is going. She mentions a gold bullion heist where some of the evidence “disappeared”, yet Mac still lives in the same house, drives the same car, and still takes the same crappy vacations. Alex wonders if it’s time to bring Ray and Chris in on it, but Gene says no. The two then go to Gene’s office to work on a flip chart of all of Mac’s connections.

The next morning, Ray, Chris, Shaz and Viv find Alex and Gene asleep in his office. Although the two are fully clothed and sleeping on separate chairs, everyone looks at them as if the two were sleeping together. Ray blasts Gene for leaving them at Luigi’s… and just as he finishes, intrepid reporter Jackie Queen walks in (see the “Other Stuff” section, below). She agrees that Gene has always ran away from his obligations… and opens her coat to reveal that she is very pregnant:


Gene says that he can’t possibly be the father, as there is no way that he would ever sleep with Jackie. Jackie says that they most certainly did sleep together, although Gene was too drunk to remember it. Jackie then reveals that she’s also there for another reason: she’s writing a news story about teenage girls that come to London from northern England and go missing. She’s specifically looking for a girl named Rachel Lessing. But here’s the thing: the Met has actively ignored her requests for information. Gene asks Jackie who she had spoken to, and she apparently names Viv. Gene talks to Viv, who says that he was acting under a direct order from Mac.

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R.I.P. Bob Jackson

Bob Jackson, owner of the Gastonia, NC landmark Jackson’s Cafeteria, passed away Thursday night in his sleep. He was 86. He was discovered by Sarah, his wife of almost seventy years.

Jackson opened Jackson’s Cafeteria in Gastonia in 1973 in the Akers Center shopping center. The restaurant moved to Gaston Mall, where it stayed for almost twenty years until redevelopment forced the restaurant back to Akers Center in 2007. Although Jackson once owned as many as ten restaurants, he eventually scaled them back to just three Jackson’s Cafeteria locations (the other two are in Shelby, NC and Rock Hill, SC).

The restaurant is so beloved that some employees have been there for twenty years, and some of the restaurant’s clientele are known to eat there twice a day.

God bless, Mr Jackson! You will be missed!

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Ashes to Ashes: Season 2, Episode 3

This episode begins with Alex sitting on the sofa, battling insomnia by drinking wine and watching TV. She’s watching Take Hart, a show about painting (a British version of Bob Ross, if you will), when she gives up and turns off the TV with the remote. She gets up to walk to the bedroom… and the TV comes back on by itself. At the same time, she doubles over in pain. The TV shows Morph, a claymation character from Take Hart, preparing a defibrillator. A voice asks if Morph will help Alex. When he shocks Alex with the paddles (on TV), the real Alex flies across the room and crashes into the wall. Morph then appears to give up on her, and the voice asks why he’s given up. Morph replies (in gibberish), and the voice asks “what do you mean, ‘she’s given up?'”. Morph then gets a sad look, changes into a ball, then rolls offscreen. We then see Morph stretched into a straight line representing a heartbeat monitor, which beats for a few seconds then flatlines.

The next morning, we see Alex and Gene arrive at Felhurst Prison to interview Kevin Hales. The guard asks why they’re there, and Gene says it’s to interview Kevin. The guard says that “you won’t be doing that today”, then nods towards a body bag being rolled towards a van. Kevin Hales, it seems, has committed suicide by hanging himself. Gene asks if no one tried to stop him. The guard says that “health and safety rules” prevented them from running to his aid; he says this with a knowing look on his face. He might as well have winked and said “say no more, say no more!”

Back at the station, Gene goes through Kevin’s possessions. He looks at a letter that appears to be of interest, but we see nothing more at this point. In fact, Gene disappears completely by the time the next thing happens: a father and daughter walk through the doors of the station carrying a box.

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Van Gogh’s Ear

For over a century, people believed that Vincent Van Gogh cut his own ear off with a razor. This, however, might not be true. According to a new book entitled Van Gogh’s Ear: Paul Gauguin and the Pact of Silence, the artist actually lost his ear in a fight with fellow artist Paul Gauguin outside a brothel.

The book – based on ten years of research by German academics Hans Kaufmann and Rita Wildegans – doesn’t say whether Gauguin, a talented fencer, actually meant to cut off Van Gogh’s ear, or whether it was an accident. Although the book is based on witness statements and other evidence, Kaufmann says that the book is as much about debunking the “official” story as it is about presenting the “new” story.

Read more about it here.

The Women of Mad Men

The new season of Mad Men is still several months away, but I thought I’d take a few minutes and post some pictures of the lovely ladies of the show. To be honest, I accidentally stumbled across the first picture of Elizabeth Moss and was blown away! She’s so… “mousy” on the show, but this picture is just stunning!


Elizabeth plays Peggy Olsen, an ambitious young woman determined to break the glass ceiling at Sterling Cooper. In the first episode of the show, we see her starting at the agency as secretary; by the end of the second season Peggy has become a junior copywriter. Peggy slept with one of her coworkers and became pregnant as a result; she gave the child up for adoption, something the father only found out about in the season 2 finale.

Elizabeth Moss

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Many car break-ins on Freedom Drive

Watch out if you hang out on Freedom Drive:

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — One part of Charlotte is seeing a rise in the number of car break-ins. Several parking lots along Freedom Drive have been hit in the past couple of weeks.

In one night, police say there were 30 car break-ins in a parking lot used by patrons of the nightclub Scorpio.

Officers believe the reason for the spike is because of growth in the area — more stores and nightclubs.

Wait – I thought the lack of growth was what caused the break-ins… now it’s new growth?

via Dozens of car break-ins reported along Freedom Drive | | Local News for Charlotte, North Carolina | Local News.