Mad Men: “Waldorf Stories”

This episode begins with Don and Peggy interviewing Danny Siegel, a hopelessly unqualified copywriter. Don flips through his portfolio, each ad a variation on the theme of “cure for the common [blank]”. Don isn’t impressed, even though Danny mentions Roger’s name several times. Don escorts him out of the office, then asks Peggy if they’re on Candid Camera. The two then talk about the upcoming Clio Awards, with Peggy mentioning her own role in the Glo-Coat commercial. Peggy then complains about Stan Rizzo, the agency’s new art director. To her complaints, Don only says that Stan is more talented and that she needs to learn how to work with him.


Meanwhile, we see Roger rambling about Charlie Chaplin and Laurel and Hardy in his office. His secretary Caroline is there, taking dictation for his book, but Roger has gotten off topic. Don walks in to thank him for the “prank” of the Danny interview. The two share a few laughs, but then Roger says that Don must hire him to appease Jane, his wife and Danny’s cousin.

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Anglican Bishops “draw the line” with Canterbury

Boy, we’ve heard that one before… but maybe this time Canterbury has had the message given to him in such a way that he can’t possibly misinterpret it:

“We sympathize with his position as head of the Anglican communion suffering disunity on moral grounds and teaching of the scripture. It’s like having unruly kids in his house and he can’t sit down to eat food.”

“We have told him and he understood us, that (there’s) no more diplomacy on that matter, homosexuality. We made our minds very clear and he is going back knowing there is no gray area on our part,” Orombi said.

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-29

  • People still use #
  • TODAY ONLY: Free upgrade to Zappos VIP account, includes FREE overnight shipping for life! #
  • "The Java Update Installer needs to close the following programs to continue: javaw.exe". Normally only Apple installers fail as badly. #
  • [obscure 80s music reference] "Billy… Billy… we just had a baby!" [/obscure 80s music reference] #
  • "In December drinking horchata, I'd look psychotic in a balaclava…" #
  • I *finally* ditched Photoshop for Paint.NET yesterday! I feel great, and my hard drive feels 956MB lighter! #
  • @1outside Thanks for your kind words about my "Mad Men" recaps! I hope you enjoy them! 🙂 #
  • Off to Jax! #
  • Odd that there's no Jakey D to make fun of Panthers fans with any more… how many "mistakes by the lake" will he throw in CLE this year? #
  • Off to Los Archos! #

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One last (?) Ashes post

It seems odd to be adding new items for a show that’s been over for several months now, but I know that people still stop by the site for Ashes to Ashes recaps, and I thought you folks might be interested in this.

Matthew Graham and Ashley Pharoah, the minds behind Mars, Ashes, and several other shows, have created a new website for their production company, Monastic Productions.

You can click here to go to their “Scripts” page, where you can find downloadable PDF versions of several Ashes and Mars drafts, outlines and scripts, as well as scripts from Bonekickers (blech!) and a few of their less popular productions.

I’ve read a good chunk of the draft of the Ashes pilot, and it’s pretty interesting to see how things changed between that and the finished script. One little teaser: in the draft, Alex doesn’t get shot by Layton; instead she and Molly are taken hostage, and Alex falls through a hole in the floor of the decaying warehouse where they’re being held.

Check it out!


Can I just rant for a minute here?

I’m SO FREAKIN’ SICK of seeing things like this on Internet message boards:

“Don’t use Microsoft software. They’re evil. Use Gmail instead. I use Gmail for my email, Google Voice for voicemail, Google Domains to host my small business, Google Apps to edit work-related documents, Google DNS for name resolution and, of course, Google for searching. I couldn’t be happier!”

Really? Seriously? You let Google index your email, transcribe your voicemail messages, scan and index your business website, scan and index your business documents, keep track of every DNS lookup your perform, and keep track of every search you make… and you’re happy about it? Google knows more about you than your wife and mother combined, yet whenever Windows wants to “phone home” to see if any important updates are available you scream bloody murder… Seriously? How naive are you, really?

Sometimes the mind boggles.

Mad Men: “The Chrysanthemum and the Sword”

This episode begins with an amusing scene: Don is in a meeting when his phone rings. He picks up the phone, but no one is there. The phone on the table by the sofa starts ringing, but no one is there, either. Ms. Blankenship walks in the office and tells Don that he has a phone call, but she didn’t know if she should tell him about it or not. Don, exasperated, tells her it’s okay to tell him about phone calls, but not to keep asking if he wants coffee after he’s said no once already.


Don finally gets his phone call. Walter Hoffman, who writes the advertising column for the New York Times is on the phone, and he wants a comment from Don about rival firm Cutler Gleason and Chaough taking the Clearasil and jai alai accounts. Don says that he doesn’t talk about old accounts, and when Hoffman mentions a snarky quote from Ted Chaough about Don “looking in his rearview mirror and seeing me”, Don says that he’s never heard of him.

Don then goes to a partner’s lunch, where Pete announces that his has gotten the interest of Honda, who is looking to change agencies for their motorcycles advertising. Lane mentions that it’s a $3 million account at present, and that the company wants to expand into automobiles. Roger kills the fun by saying that SCDP will not do business with the Japanese. Pete starts to object, but Roger cuts him off, saying that he used to have a lot of friends, but those friends were killed by Pete’s new “yellow buddies”. Bert cuts him off, and Roger storms out of the room. The remaining partners tell Pete to go ahead, and he says that he’s been advised to read The Chrysanthemum and the Sword to learn about Japanese business culture. Don tells Joan to get everyone a copy of the book.

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Random Hottie: Elizabeth Logue

So last night I was messing around on the Internet, like you do, and came across this:

Elizabeth Logue 01

She’s a model from the late 1960s named Elizabeth Logue. If you were around in the early 1970s, you might remember her better from this:

Elizabeth Logue 02

Yes, she was the beautiful girl from the opening credits to Hawaii Five-O. I remember her as one of the very first girls I found pretty when I was a kid.

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